25 June 2011

Tour Dragon boat, perfume river, garden house, pagoda, temple, lunch, japanese tombs

old one colourful, new one not.  Trip home

Tomb of Emperor


As Andrew was not up for anything yet (and I do not know how to ride a motorbike) I decided to do a tour (!!) This tour was to include the river, pagoda and the tombs of former emperors out in the country.

Still life

A minivan came to pick me up from the hotel. Before we got to the river it stopped to pick up 4 more tourist. We were all very happy with our small group, as we assumed this meant we would do the tour in a small dragon boat. We were all wrong. A big dragon boat with about 50 other people was ready and waiting for us. This type of boat is just a big metal flat-bottomed boat, with nothing inside. You get a plastic chair, and find a place. They squeezed us in at the back of the boat.



(never did type up the rest of this day.. Was a nice day though, see photo’s)


Different Tomb




Hue at night


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