4 July 2011

Walk around Siem Reap.  (Siem Reap – Victorious against the Thai)
Tourist Info
Lunch / Dinner
Comedy of errors.  Apple Ice cream turning into salad

Early start tomorrow.

Little house shrine

Considering we arrived at the hotel around 1:30 last night, Anna was up early, and scouting for an ATM before 8.  Came back complaining that everything is in dollars and expensive.  Got up and had breakfast.  A nice omelet with a single slice of cheese.
Going out to find the ATM again started us on our day.
Wandering through the Old market we found some great hammocks.  We have seen hammocks used everywhere, and slept in them on the 4000 islands, but never seen them for sale before.

Fun touristy crap

The price started at $8  (everything here is in US$ except small change)  I was tempted then and there.  The next stall however had them too.  This time it was $5.  When we found a stall selling Moomoo shirts, we thought Anna should get one.  Haggling for that, we dropped the price down to US$15  This was for a replacement handbag, Moomoo, hammock, and got a free set of chopsticks thrown in.  We tried for some cool lights, but that was a bit much.
With the shopping out of the way we continued through the market.  Ha.  The Cambodians

Lion statue

are as pushy as the Vietnamese when it comes to making a sale at the markets.  There are always calls of “you want this”, “come and look at my stuff”.  It does get a bit annoying.  Then there is the look of expectation when you stop in front of their stall.  It may be to re-adjust your underwear, but it is an open invitation to turn on the lights, and beckon you into the stall showing their finest wares.
We had not expected Cambodia to be this touristy, but had heard some stories along the way about Cambodia embracing the dark side of tourism.  They sure knows what sells.  I could have taken most of these stalls back whole to Mimili and sold it all.  It was hard not to buy any more.

However at the next market we did buy more…  A quilt cover set.  It started at $55 and we really weren’t interested.  However the price kept coming down.  Every time we tried to walk away it dropped.  Eventually it was too good a deal to pass up, and we spent the next ten minutes deciding on the colour and pattern.  Turns out it is the same as our hotel room!

Siem Reap

More walking.  Stopped at tourist info, where they were really friendly, and Anna got her photo taken talking to the guy.  To be included in the next Siem Reap tourist brochure. Outside we ran into a guy volunteering for a school with a lot of orphans from their parents dying of HIV.  Had a chat with him about it, but like every thing it came down to him wanting money.

Siem Reap

We passed the imperial residence, which wasnt the most impressive, and walked on looking for a Wat.  We didn’t find it, however we did end up in the slum section of town.  I can always find these areas for some reason.  It is amazing that there can be really up market houses and shops, yet two doors down there is a tin shack.  The road disappears, and it becomes a winding track between fences, laundry and people on the road.


Cute Elephant statue

Having been there, we decided to call it a day.  Stopped in for a meal.  Had pot luck on what we ordered.  Turned out pretty good.  We both had a good meal.  Lak Luk for me.  Rice Salad and small cubes of beef.  Soup for Anna.  It was a bit spicy, and had some seafood, but was still good.

Back to the hotel, past an old Wat now used as a school, and we were there.
Tried typing the last week or two.  Caught up with Hannes.  He was typing his blog all day.  I probably should have done this, but shopping was more

Monks out for a walk


The comedy of errors.  We have ordered two cheese sandwiches for the morning, but I can’t see that as happening.  Breakfast took an age to arrive, Hannes didn’t get what he ordered.  Tonight Anna ordered Apple Ice cream.  an hour later a salad turned up.  It was hers.  There was a whole discussion about it, with two possible outcomes.  The first is that they were out of ice cream and substituted it.  The second was that they placed the wrong order.  It was number 70, and the salad was 7.  Oh well, we will see if e have breakfast in the morning.

Have to be up ridiculously early in the morning, so will finish my beer and call it a night.



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