27 May 2012

Travel from Yass to Bangkok
Plane jumpstart
Drive to Hotel

Well, after an incredibly early morning (4am) we were up, gear packed into the car and ready to go.  Dad was on the ball and we left Yass for the foreseeable future.  At least we could take the laptop.  After spending most of the previous night getting it working.

The drive to Canberra wasn’t too bad, and there were only a few patches of fog on the road, although it did look like it was going to set in.  We made good time as there was almost no traffic all the way into the city.  At Jolimont we transferred from the car, said our goodbyes and boarded the bus to Sydney.  So far so good, although it was only early stages yet.

Driving to Sydney was completely uneventful, especially as it is a trip we have both done more than a few times, so we tried to get some sleep.  Considering the bus is more comfortable than the plane, we had a chance there, and managed a fitful doze.  Passing the time this way we made it to Sydney.  Murry’s coaches was a lot better this time round, as our bags both made it through intact.

At the airport we decided to que for our tickets, as there weren’t that many people in front of us it was good timing.  However the timing was too good.  The checkin for our flight wasn’t open yet and we had to wait for about twenty minutes.  So off to get some currency.  This shouldn’t be a problem as there are plenty of exchange places splattered throughout the building.  But they are all the same company.  The Thai Baht wasn’t a problem as everyone had it, but when we asked for Jordanian Dinahs we got blank stares.  Apparently no-one goes there, so they don’t hold the currency?  We were going there, and I am sure we are not the only Australians to go to Jordan.  After the guy rang a few desks we managed to locate the only exchange in the building with Dinahs.  A quick walk over and our problems were solved.
Back to check in as 20min had defiantly passed.  Got our tickets and found out that QANTAS now charges extra for the emergency exits (Premium economy) as well as letting you fly with only one bag in checked luggage.  At least we were prepared for that. (I could say something about the Irish here, but I wont)
Through customs we expected trials and tribulations enough to cause my dreads to fall out, but with a que that moved rapidly and a grin and wave we were through.  (It does help to have no liquids, laptops, explosives or sense of humour!)

After the standard walking,sitting and being bored in the airport we boarded the plane.  I would love to study the dynamics of Aircraft boarding patterns, as we had our seat allocations already, but when it is time to get on the plane, everyone flocks forward juggling for the best position.  Cutting in front of people, making up that extra place so they can be there ten seconds earlier to sit down and wait.  We sat watching this until it was just a walk over, present our ticket and get on the plane.  The other thing I don’t understand is the priority boarding.  First class and business get on at the start.  Fair enough.  However after they have sat down, cattle class is allowed on.  These poor people thst have paid a fortune for their ticket then have to sit there as Parents take their struggling kids past, jostling with three or four bags of carry-on and their duty free shopping.  At the same time as the cattle streaming past to the back of the plane, the hostesses are trying to bring glasses of champagne forward to the privileged.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to load on the cattle while I sit in my nice lounge and not have to watch these antics, or get my head smacked by the fake didgeridoo that some tourist has just bought at the airport?  OK I still wish I was traveling first class, but this does make me feel better when my nose is two inches from the chair in front of me because they put their seat back.

Sitting on the plane waiting for takeoff everything went quite.  They had stalled the engin.  At least it was before takeoff, however how do you jump start a plane?  There was a fault in the electricity supply from the terminal, so I envisioned them jumping into another 747 and driving it round nose to nose.  Getting out the jumper leads to give it that kickstart, and finding that the battery terminals are on the wrong side.  So moving that plane away and driving a baggage cart over to do the job.  Draining the battery of that car the first time you turn over the engine.  Then what? a series of cars all linked together?  No apparently they have a dedicated vehicle that has a massive battery on the back and they use that.  But still, what happens if they then stall after takeoff?

The flight wasn’t too bad for QANTAS.  I was sitting next to a guy from Cairns called Bluey, so had to show him photos of our dog, and we got to talking,  Food came around (Inedible) that was everything you expect from this airline and more.  Packed chocolate was good here.  Then we found out that we were next to the hostesses cabin, so we started ordering the little plastic bottles of wine that came with dinner.  After a few of these, we had to prove that we weren’t intoxicated by counting their fingers each time.  We were usually right.  So in this way the flight passed very pleasantly.

At Bangkok we went to get our visas to find out we didn’t need them, so on through immigration and customs. If we thought Australia was doing well, Thailand is a dream.  We were through there faster than the walk from the plane to get to the line!

On the other side we found a taxi to take us to our hotel.  Driving off I expected more traffic and chaos on the roads.  It wasn’t.  There was a nice new freeway that we cruised along, until we got close to our destination, then weaving through the streets to get to ours.  Finding out that it is a walking street and we were at the wrong end.

There were people everywhere.  Stalls were burgeoning off the curbs to take over the street and hawkers were everywhere.  Tourists were everywhere, and people pushing their street-carts making a way through this chaotic mess.  We had our bags….

It was funny though, as the police started coming up behind us, and everyone desperately started packing up and moving off to the sides to clear the road.  Only to unpack and trade as normal after they had passed.

So here we are.  Bangkok, Checked in and exhausted after a 17+ hour day.  Off for some Dinner.

Catch you all soon.


Pictures will come soon, but with the meltdown of the computer, I have no photo editing programs and don’t want to upload 7mb photos.  We are working on this but it may not happen for a while.


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