15 June 2012

Back to Trang
Walk around

Up at 6.30 to be ready for our moto pick up for the 7.30 ferry. Early..

Again issues with Language.  It is quite amazing how our hostess has these issues.  This time it was over our transport back to the barge.  This is supposed to have been organised and paid for when we booked.  However as we hadn’t booked the return ticket through her, she wouldn’t supply the ride.  After having to make a bit of an issue about it, she did organise for someone from the ferry to come pick us up.
We make it there just fine and watch the locals load on their latest catch. For the markets in town most likely. After that the motorbikes get on and all other goods. The passengers then scramble over and through all this to make their way down stairs for a seat.
We have a prepaid voucher for the ferry and the drive back to Trang in a minivan. At the end of the ferry trip, they take this voucher off us. Leaving us wondering how we will then get a minivan. We have already resigned to having to pay for the minivan again, as we have no proof of payment anymore, when our bungalow lady shows up. (apparently she was on the same ferry) According to her, the driver knows and will come to get us. Ok, we don’t really believe much of her anymore though.. We are proved wrong to be so suspicious, when 10 minutes later our bus appears and the driver does know. All is good. We are back in Trang at about 9.30. We have a long day to go, our train doesn’t leave till 17.30.

We can leave our bags at the agent we booked our island through and set of to explore Trang. This town is famous for its coffee, so that’s our first stop. Trang has a very mixed population, chinese/thai/malay/indian/etc. The chinese do proper filter coffee. So far most coffee in Thailand has been instand nescafe. Andrew was very happy with the chinese brew. It helped to wake us up.
Trang is not that big and pleasantly average. Some older buildings, a lot of newer ugly stuff. Pretty soon we of course hit the markets. Fruit, veg, dried fish things and all the other unrecognisable things the Asians like to cook with.
Here a lot of shopfronts have a birdcage hanging with a “good luck” birdie. We had seen this a lot in Cambodia, but not so much yet in Thailand.
We come across a lot of shops, a Wat, and for the first time quite a few churches. We also visited a Chine temple, a joss house. This one was Beautiful. It was obviously old and the people there where very proud of that. At least a hundred years. The place had a nice feel about it. Still very painted up and heavily decorated, but because of the age and lack of repainting, it all look at little less garish and more friendly. Also we had a bit of trouble figuring out what they actually they worshipped here. There were buddhist statues mixed in with Hindu ones, and beside that there seemed to be a lot of ancestor worship.

We had been walking now for a few hours, we are starting to look out for lunch/dinner. Our stomaches are a bit off from some island food, and this is making us very picky. A lot of foodstalls here precook everything and keep it for hours on end. This is the type of meal we had on Koh Mook, that we blame for our quiziness now. We just want some thing freshly cooked, a bit safer… Maybe a fried rice or something? This turns out to be hard to find. We have made our way all around town, back to the train station when we finally find a decent place. By now we are hungry. We wolf down this meal and get one to go for on the train.

We pick up our bags, board the train and it leaves on time!
We do the same thing as last time, and head for the dining car for a beer, when our seats get turned into beds. After a beer or two and a couple of games of backgammon, Anna decides to turn in. Andrew stays for one more beer and a bit of karaoke with the train staff.


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