17 June 2012

cab ride
Walk around

We have made it to Jordan. It is freakishly early in the morning and after 2 bad nights (one on train, one on plane) we resemble the living dead. We met a Abu Dabi/Australian (Adam) that wanted to share a taxi from the airport to the old town with us. As he speaks arabic, we thought it might be a good idea. 10 dinar is not cheap well, it is, but we are on a budget, and the airport is about 40km out of town and the trip takes about an hour. Flying in we saw the desert terrain, and it felt familiar. Now driving in, it reminds us a bit of home.. Definitely different from Thailand!
Amman is not a very pretty city, but it has a charm. The buildings are stacked up against the hills. All build like little beige fortresses, tall,squire with little windows.

Adam did not have a hotel booked either, so we walked the street with him trying to find some rooms. Unfortunately is was still before 8.00 and all the hotel managers were still a sleep. We found the Arab Tower open and staffed, but Adam decided it was too expensive for him and went on searching by himself. Anna and Andrew were tired, and decided for once to splurge a bit. We asked for a standard double room with private shower. They are 30 dinar a night. Not cheap, but probably worth it. The manager said it would be a few hours before the room was available. Not a problem for us. We can do some sightseeing first and come back. Not sure what changed his mind, but he offered us the suite for the price of a standard as this room was available now. Sounds great! So for the day and night we have a living room (with 2 spare beds), Double bedroom with en suite, TV, Fridge, Airco and another bathroom! Way to much, but sooo nice!
After a coffee at the rooftop terrace and a look through all the tourist info we just got handed, we went for a walk.
First up of course the big mosque sticking out in every view. Unfortunately it was closed, so we will have to go back later.
Then back down the road to the roman amphitheater and some other old bits. Off course my camera decides to die, just when it gets interesting (flat battery). So not many photo’s for today. The heat it getting to us. Here’s the dry heat and it is a big change from Thai humidity. We think it might be a good idea to take advantage of our great room and spend some time there, so we headed back. Along our street are many shops, and every one is welcoming us in. We are not in a shopping mood, but people do seem genuinely friendly and interested in us. If we stand still for 2 seconds too long, someone will come up to ask us if we are lost and if they can help us. We are starting to have a good feeling about this place.
We escape the hottest part of the day, to venture out again for a very late lunch. Also a change : The amount of meat you get served here! It’s good, but way too big for us.

Back to our suite.  I do love that.  Our suite, to do the updates for the last week.  Hang out on the balcony looking at Amman by night, and generally escaping the heat.  It is 36 degrees at 7pm.  Still, it doesn’t have the humidity of Thailand, so it shouldn’t take long to acclimatize.
So here we are in Jordan, looking forward to Petra, Wadi Rum, Ruined fortresses, the dead sea and everything in between.  If you know your bible, send us some places out here!

All the best and will update when and where.


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