27 June 2012


Dana town perched on a litte hill

Today we woke up in Dana Village. There is not much here. The town is being reconstructed

and there seem to be 2 hotels. Years ago the valley here has been turned into the Dana Nature Reserve. The local Bedouin people could then no longer stay in the valley and some moved in to old Dana town. The original town is a fifteenth century stone village, but had been abandoned for years.
We slept in and got up at 10ish. We assumed we would be too late for breakfast, but here

Cute little bridge

they serve it whenever you want. David and Sophia joined us. Flatbread, humus, jam, cheese, boiled eggs, yummy yummy..
Most of the morning we just hung out on the roof of our hotel. Very comfortable and lots of friendly people. A few live in town, others are travelers. Lots of tea (sweet sage tea.)

Eventually we got ourselves up from the comfy couches and decided to go for a walk. The

View over Dana reserve

views are amazing and although it is nice to have a lazy day, we do have to see some of the landscape. Our good shoes are still soaked from the gorge walk, so we go in flip flops. Not so great as the tracks are steep and slippery with loose sand. We make it past town and follow a little stream.. We make it to a place with a good view and a tree to sit under. After about 15 minutes we saw a head pop up from behind a rock. Than it dug down again and a foot popped up..?.. It turned out to be Sanid. A young man that had been asleep there. We apologise for waking him up, but he seems very happy to

Old houses of Dana village

Lounging around at the roof of our hotel

find some english speaking people. His english is not so good, but good enough to tell us about the path of the stream. If we go up we can see where the stream starts. We go up for a bit, but Anna decides to stay under a tree. Andrew goes on and Sanid keeps Anna company. With little english and anna’s non existent arabic, not much conversation is possible. Andrew makes in up, and sees the local women do their laundry and the kids swimming. We say our goodbyes to Sanid and go back to the hotel. A lot for wildflowers are still around and a fig tree or two. Some donkeys and goats greet us along the way. Anna again talks to the goats, trying to get the perfect photo, ignoring the fact that there is probably a shepherd nearby holding his sides laughing.  Back in town we make a little detour to see if town is really as small as we think. It is.
At the hotel we relax. Andrew goes for a nap and gets back up when Sophia and David come back from their walk. They basically did the same walk as us.
The afternoon we spend updating our blog and talking with the visiting tourists. A big group come trough from England. They were in a yacht race to Egypt, but were not allowed to dock due to the recent problems. So now they are traveling Israel and Jordan a bit instead. Later a few Australians arrive for the night and Sophia and David

Not the best photo, but the best food!

spend the night playing cards. Dinner is again served at 21.00. Not sure why it is so late. Maybe because the first night we asked for it at 21.00, they think we always want to eat this late? As we skipped lunch we were pretty hungry by now, and dinner was delicious again.  This was several different dishes, ranging from a spicy salad to cooked cucumber and eggplant with mince.  These meals are the best we have had in Jordan and they are the first proper meals we have had here as well.
Did I say the meal was good?  It was great.  After diner we met Rhiad, he was the guy Sophia and David were playing cards with, so we all went down to his room to talk and play.  The game is a bit like Joker, with some differences that make it quite tricky, still, it was a good night.



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