28 June 2012

Dana village

Woke up late again. Great to be able to sleep in. This place is very quiet and laid back.
After breakfast we went to the visitors centre, where we got some more info on the reserve.  We had been here for a day and a half and done nothing but a quick walk out of town so we have to do something.  Still the batteries are recharging.

Today was a bit clearer than yesterday

It is the biggest reserve in Jordan with very diverse ecosystems. There are 4 distinctly different climates in the park, from moderate on the high peaks (1500m+) to Sahara climate in the low canyons (50m undersea level) There is also a big range of wildlife, but we have only seen some birds and lizards around.  We decided to skip a long walk down to the bottom of the Wadi as it is 8JD each, and the view from the top is superb.  It would have been nice, but we really don’t see the need.

A chance to catch up on our blog, hope you appreciate it

A quick walk through town, got us invite into a little shop. We bought some water and hung out with the shop keepers. They proudly showed us the various fossils and roman coins they have found around the place.  The most impressive fossil looked like the skin of a snake mixed with a jigsaw puzzle.  Andrew had seen nothing like it.  It was really impressive.  The other fossils were clams and shells, and also an impressive size.  The coins had all been found in Dana, showing that it had been inhabited at Roman time.

Our cosy room

We then had a guided tour of the town.  They are repairing all the old buildings, to make more accommodation for the tourists.  This ranges from basic tents on the roof, to rooms, and these new ones will be self contained units.  They are planning on having this next stage of development done in about 2 years.  I am glad we are here now, as it will be a tourist resort soon enough.
Back at the hotel we focused.  Well, Anna focused on doing the blog, while Andrew slept.

David and Sofia go off to help our chef with dinner. They are hoping to pick up a few tips on Jordanian cuisine. It turned out even better than the last two nights. And we all ate to much 🙂
Another huge dinner with a few Australians and a french couple.  The french couple are driving to Petra tomorrow, but only have seats for two.  Sophia and David offered us to take the lift, and they would meet us later at Petra.  However we found out that there are no busses with tomorrow being friday, and as it is David’s birthday we don’t want to ditch them.  So it looks like we are another day in Dana.  What a shame.



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