03 July 2012

Petra Hills
Car Problems

Not a bad view to wake up to..

Today we woke up on a hill just outside Petra. As we did not have a tent, the sun woke us up early. At 7.30 it already got so hot that we all needed to find a spot in the shade. Not much shade to be found on the top of a mountain, so we all ended up together under a little overhang. Some people were fine, but most of us were hung over. We are just not used to the hard liquor.. The guys made us some sage tea and the last of the water was drunk, making us all felt a bit more alive.

The night was fun, but now we just want to get back to our hotel to continue sleeping.
The Guys sent out for breakfast, and fuel, as we had run out last night.  So we sat in the shade over a 100 foot drop, drinking tea and nursing pounding heads.  The locals looked like they had suffered the least.

Breakfast arrived after they had walked all the way back.  Tinned tuna with flatbread.  The fuel had also arrived, so we could get

Yes! It works! Thanks allah, we are not going to die out here!

going.  Feras went to start the car.  Flat battery?!?  As we were at the top of a peak, this should be no problem.  We could just hill start it.  The first attempt failed.  So did the second.  By the third attempt the car had hit a valley.  We were trying to push it back up hill for a fourth.  This was a no go, so we moved a lot of rock to get the vehicle to go down the valley to the bottom of this hill.  There were another few attempts to get it there, with no success.

Realising we were not going anywhere, they sent someone out for water and cigarettes as these are the most important things needed to survive out here.  On the mobiles at the same time trying to organise a new car to come out with jumper leads.  It was a bit shocking how unprepared they were here for something like this.  There was no water, so we sat in the shade for the next couple of hours, trying to conserve energy.  Just in case we needed to walk out.  The bedouins would be right, but us cushy white people?

Donkeys roam free in the bedouin village

Eventually a car came and parked at the bottom of the hill, and someone walked up with one liter of water for 7 people, but three packs of cigarettes!  Still the car was there, charging the battery for a bit, then our car started.

They drove up the hill to get all the gear and promptly turned off the ignition and cranked up the radio!  Andrew just started shaking his head and laughing.  (The bedouin are still more knowledgable about donkeys and camels than 4×4’s) With the car all loaded up, everyone was surprised when it would not start again.  So another attempt to hill start it.  They got it on the second go at least.

We all piled into the car and headed back.  Not wanting to impose on their hospitality any more we headed back to the hotel for the day to type up the blog, and recover.



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