11 July 2012

Breakfast and Juice
To bus station
4th century Church
Goodbye Sofia and David

We met up with Sofia and David for breakfast. We got some different rolls from the bakery (cheese and fig) and headed to our favorite cafe. The people here have been kind and the fresh juices are just what we need this morning. Before we know it, it is time for Sofia and David to check out. We go with them to the bus station. They will be leaving for Amman today. As Andrew and Anna have decided not to go into Israel on this trip, they are spending some more time in Aqaba. After buying a ticket, we run into our friends from the beach last night. They have not been able to buy a ticket for the Amman bus. David and Sofia got the last ones. Very lucky!

Byzantine Church

The guys come with us to have a look at the near by fourth century Byzantine church. It is only just around the corner, and we almost pass by without noticing. There is nothing left, just the excavations in the ground. Not very spectacular..
We walk back to the bus station as it is time for the others to catch their bus.
We have had a great time traveling with David and Sofia over the last 2 weeks. For us it is quite unusual to travel with other people for so long, but somehow it worked well with them. They might be young, but are intelligent and good for a conversation. Also, they are new to traveling and their enthusiasm has been infectious. Besides that, it is great fun to beat David at cards!
Sad to see them go, but we are sure we will meet up again somewhere in the future.

Old Ayla

Andrew and Anna walk along to have a look at Ayla. Ayla is old Aqaba. It is the Islamic medieval port. Again, not much is left. The Jordanian government has tried though, and we make our way past all the information signs. It seems that the Byzantine settlement was here first. Then when Saladin conquered the region he made a deal with the Christians, to build a Muslim town a few kilometres away. As long as the Christians did not stir up problems, neither would the Muslims.


For the rest of the day and the next, we did not do much. At least nothing interesting enough to mention in the blog. We shopped a bit (shoes everywhere!), went for a swim, watch a movie, etc.
We wanted to leave Aqaba on the 13th, but as that was a friday we could not get a bus out. The next blog will be on the 14th.



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