28 July 2012

Yes we know.. We have not put in a blog for a while.
We have been with family in the south of France. Near Gibles to be precise. (You can google-earth it if you want) We left on the 26th and after a night stop over made it to Nurnberg yesterday. The trains in Europe are very expensive, and honestly a bit slow.. Even the TGV didn’t go that fast, it just doesn’t stop much..

Church in Nurnberg

Nurnberg: Off course famous for it’s Nazi history, but we have not found any references to this. We found a nice hotel close to the train station and after check in, went for a walk around.
The town is like most German cities, a very pretty old downtown. They seem to have rebuild a lot after the war, and the newer buildings fit in just fine.
We have made it to the land of beer and bratwurst. A bit too early for us still..

Perfect place for lunch

We make our way to a tiny little park along the river and have lunch. Walking back the music has started. It is bard festival this weekend, and there are stages and buskers everywhere. It is nice to be in such a festive atmosphere. We settle down in front of a stage with our store-bought bottle of white and bratwurst on a bun and wait for the entertainment to start.

Folk music

We get a three girl group with violins performing folk music. Their German is a bit hard to understand, but even with the little things we pick up, they are hilarious. Songs about bratwurst and beer etc. Even tough we did not get all the jokes, the music was enough for us. These girls know how to play! By the end of the show our bottle was empty and we decided to call it a night.

Big tower of Nurnberg Castle

Inside castle

Beautiful little street

28th: Unfortunately Andrew is not feeling well today, so Anna is on her own.
The plan was to check out the old city walls and make our way up to the big castle on the other side of old town. I got a bit distracted as I had to make my way through the shopping district. Lost my direction a bit, but eventually saw a tower stick out. There are still a few impressive wall towers standing. From there it is easy to make your way along and up the hill. The caste is amazing, but a bit busy. The castle is one of the most important castles of the region and all the meetings during the Roman empire were held here. Good views over the city.



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