Beautiful city. Much much bigger than Chemnitz.

BIG station

We were here twice to look at real estate again, but it turned out that prices had gone up here, and you cannot get as good a rental return as in Chemnitz any more. Not that you can’t find a bargain here if you search for it. Leipzig has always been the financial hub of Saxony and it shows in the buildings. Sometimes it is a bit too much. Trying to show of how much money they had. The train station we arrived in was massive. One of the biggest of Europe and really impressive. Also it is off course the town of Bach. Great downtown area, as it was not bombed much.


OK.  Leipzig is beautiful.  While we were being driven around by an estate agent, he took us through the area of Jugendstil that is competing with Chemnitz for the title.  No contest.  This area is a lot better.  However  The quality here is better.  It may not be bigger.  Still it was a good area to drive through, and if you have a cool mil and a half, you can pick up a pretty building.  Or at least a unit or two!

Market square in Leipzig

Mark was brilliant.  It was a shame that we met him so late in the game, and we were there, as we felt a bit guilty.  We did explain the situation to him, and he was fine about it.  But he still wanted to show off the city as much as he could.  It was almost enough to make us change our mind.  There is one, well two, really nice buildings.  The second one is now sold, and the first is third on our list.  It is big, and has a good return.  The main point is that there is another building out the back that is included in the price.  This would be perfect for us, but we will see what happens.  It is happening so slowly in Chemnitz that if we change our mind now, we could be here all winter (at -20 degrees, no thank you!).

While we were there to check out the sights for the Auction, we got to walk around the city.  There is plenty of Terraced cafe’s, bars and the like.  There was even a market on.  OK, so this happens all the time in European Cities, but it was still good to see.  There are always the obligatory sausage stall.  Beer.  Mead, Bakeries, flowers?!? (This region has a thing for flowers.  Every balcony has a thing for flowers.  They are everywhere.  If you have a window sill there are at least three blooming flowers on it at any time) veggies, Beer and sausage.  Did we mention the beer and sausage already?  No?  Well there is plenty of beer and Sausage.  With more Sausage stalls with a few more beer stalls.



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