21 October 2012

Waiting for bus
Bus trip
Check in

Bit of a boring day. Andrew was not feeling well. (A bad head cold and running a fever.) We still wanted to leave Tiznit or check in to a better hotel. Anna went out to find out the options. The CTM bus to Tafraout would leave at 16.00 or there was a decent hotel nearby with wifi. Back to Andrew to see how he was going. Apparently well enough to do a 2 hour bus trip.


Back to the bus office to book the tickets, only to find out that today’s bus was full. Mmm.. Tomorrow then? No, tomorrows bus is also full.. Great, now what. Go all the way with grand taxi’s?
As it turned out there was another bus going, from a different tour company. An older, not so fancy bus. Good enough. It was going to leave at 15.00 and we passed our time with a fresh juice and lunch before we went.

It is a beautiful drive between Tiznit and Tafarout. The road goes through the atlas mountains and through the Kerdous pass. We tried to take some photo’s along the way of the changing landscapes, but not all came out well. It was not an unpleasant drive, until we realised that we had already been driving for more then 2 hours and Tafraout was still 48km away. (Tiznit-Tafrout is about 100km) We were climbing up one lane mountain roads, stopping at all the tiny villages so the other travelers could stock up on chicken, bread and gossip. At this rate we would not be in Tafraout before dark.

We finally arrived at about 19.00. Already dark. We have never been so happy to be of a bus..
A nice man approached us at the bus stop, inviting us to stay at his hotel. “The hotel is mentioned in Lonely Planet book” Oh god.. That probably means it is way overpriced, but we still went for a look. It turned out to be ok. They have tried a lot with the decorations and it has a roof terrace with a Berber tent. Just to cold to sleep in now. We book in for 2 nights. A quick tangine dinner down the road and we have to call it a night.



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