22 October 2012


A sleep in today and then out for breakfast. We were promised a map with walking routes around the area, but there doesn’t seem to be anybody around. Andrew is still feeling slightly miserable, but not bad enough to stay in bed.
While enjoying our omelette breakfast we got talking to a Dutch Berber. He lives in Amsterdam but was born in a small town around here. He invites us to come to his town to celebrate the lamb fest with him and his family. We happily accept, but he dashes of again before telling us which village he is from. So not sure if this will happen. (Lamb fest is one of the most important Muslim celebrations. Commemorating the time when Allah asked Abraham to kill his son. It is on friday, but the party can start on thursday and last till saturday. We don’t really know what to expect as tourist. Public transport shuts down and maybe even shops and cafe’s will be closed.)

We also run into our nice man from the hotel at this cafe and he tells us a bit more about the area. We also get our promised map. Asking about our plan to go from here to Tata, we get a refreshingly honest answer. There are no busses from here directly to there or even taxi’s, but there is a multiple day tour that goes though Tata to Zagora and the sand dunes. But if we have the time and want to do it cheaper, he advises us not to do the tour.. (?) We are used to everybody always advising us to do the tours! The best way is to take a bus to Inzegane and from there head east and skip Tata completely as there is nothing there. A bit disappointing that we can’t take the route we planned on, but this way we will get to visit a few other towns along the way. He also gave us some good tips on the gorges around and places to stay.

Oasis in between the hills

For today we decide to just go for a small walk and not one of the bigger recommended ones. We can save those for when Andrew is feeling better.

Cute frogs hopping about

Just out of town is a good hill that we climb up and are rewarded with a great view. As it turns out there is a little oasis down the other side in between the mountains. We rock hop our way there and enjoy the dragonflies and frogs.

Brown rock lizards

On the way back we notice some bigger wildlife moving about. At first we think they are big lizards, but we have never seen lizards jump so much from one rock to the next. Eventually we figure out they are rock squirrels and now we are seeing them everywhere. Racing over the rocks and hiding under little overhangs.

Back at the hotel Andrew goes for a lie down and Anna takes a walk around town. Town is fairy small, so it was only a short walk.

Little shoe shop

People here are very friendly and you get greeted with “Bonjour! Ca Va?” everywhere. I walked to the big mosque and around the different squares. Many stalls are set up selling mostly berber crafts. A specialty here seem to be leather shoes. Babouches. They make them here in all kinds of colours and designs. Little alleyways are totally dedicated to just shoes and it smells of leather and glue. A lot of the men wear them in yellow and the local Berber women wear the many many coloured ones. The women here wear mostly black with sparkling decoration at the edges. Set of by the bright shoes and skirts they combine with this. Different than we have seen so far. In Tiznit and Agadir a lot of the women wore very colourful dresses. We assume it is a Berber thing.



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