12 November 2012

Hotel, Market & Lunch
Small walk around town
Food Poisoning

Snow on the Atlas. Its exciting for us, if not you!

This morning was a rush.  Ibrahim was up and it was Yalla Yalla Yalla.  Time to go.  We grabbed our bags and were out the door before we could even say thankyou.
As it was early we caught a taxi in to town to enjoy the ritualistic morning cup of tea next to CTM.  The bus was not due to go for a while, and we didn’t want to hold Ibrahim up.  His holiday is coming to an end, and he has better things to do than hang with us.  Although he probably would have stayed with us until the bus arrived if we hadn’t shooed him off.

Leprechaun traveling to the pot of gold?

The bus to Ourzazat was fairly uneventful, and when we arrived we went to book a ticket for Skoura.  There are some good gorges around this region that we wanted to see.  We were in luck.  The only bus that day was 25 minutes late, and we would be able to catch it.  It was a bit later than that, and with getting the luggage checked we were a bit apprehensive about missing it, however there was no problems.  Makanoushki.

We are moving from Saharawi territory back into Berber.  The leprechaun people were re-appearing.  This is one of the traditional things men wear that has a small pointed hood.  The women are back in plain black robes with some embroidery, but nothing nearly as colourful.

On arriving at Skoura we were not sure if we were in the right place.  We were the only people that got off.  The person working for CTM there also runs the hotel at the station. Not knowing town we thought we would stay there.  He is very pushy, and wanted us to eat as well.  We just wanted to go for a walk around town.  So we did.

Orange, Apple, Get your Dates here!

The town is not that interesting.  It is a working town, and there is nothing set up for tourists (which, i suppose is interesting in its own right).  The markets were on, and we had a wander around.  The main section that had its own enclosure is fresh produce.  There are blankets set out everywhere.  Each individual farmer has his own little spot selling his produce.  Tomatoes, chillies, beans, corn, everything.  Stalls were set up all along the main street of town as well.  This sold an assortment of things from broken DVD players to socks.

Bank Reposession Sale?

We sat is a busy cafe to have lunch.  After finding out a large Tangine was 50Dh we settled on a small one.  Should have taken the large – we were charged the same price.  The tangine was awful.  It had clearly been reheated, and everything was stuck to the bottom.  It felt as if we were scraping lukewarm tar from the dish.  Still it was food.  Should have gone further up the road, as there was a cafe offering WIFI a few doors further.  During lunch the door to door carpet salesman dropped by to sell us carpets or jumpers.  We waved him on, but regretted it an hour later as it started to get cold.

This is not the Kasbah? Just someones yard for the goats.

After walking around town, we headed out to what we thought was the old Kasbah.  It turned out to just be a mosque, with some old buildings around.  We will do the proper Kasbah tomorrow.
By the time we got back to the hotel Andrew wasn’t feeling the best, and we went for a shower.  The water was freezing.  Asking about this, we were told that the heater would be turned on at 6:30.  We waited and managed an almost warm shower.  By then it was really cold, and Andrew was being sick from the Tangine.  It was a very cold and unpleasant night.  Winter is setting in, and we start to notice for the first time that there is no heating in the rooms.  We are now trying to work out what they do in the middle of winter, when it is all snow and ice.



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