25 November 2012

Azilal to Marrakesh

Travel day.  Not much interesting to write.  Walked through Azilal, had Coffee, watched prayers outside the Mosque, caught the bus.

That’s about it.  The photos are from the bus, as we made our way west, gently down the Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh.  It was a long trip, and bordering on dusk as we arrived.

Not knowing anything about Marrakesh, we were happy to be dropped at the walls of the Medina.  So we went inside looking for a hotel.  Shouldn’t be a problem you say.  Its the capital after all, and it is the most touristy area.

On walking in, we were confronted with a market.  We could go further into the market area, or along the walls.  We decided on the larger street along the wall.  This was a mistake.  We wandered for ages with our bags looking for a hotel, riad or anything.  Nothing was to be found.  Eventually we decided to wander further in and see what we could see.  Not much as it turns out.  We followed a few signs to riads, got lost, and couldn’t find them.  We did come across one, and knocked.  No answer, so we continued on.  We met a couple of backpackers and asked them.  On getting some vague descriptions, we thanked them and headed that way.  This took us through a narrow street that was quite lively.  Market stalls everywhere, people crowding the street while bikes pushed their way through going any which way.  (I still think that most people here on motorbikes cannot ride properly, and go way too fast for the streets)  Through all this we were dragging our bags…
In this way we made it back to where we started!  This time we went the other way along the wall.  There was a hotel less than 20 meters away!  Still, it was good exercise for us, although I wish we had chosen left rather than right at the start!



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