14 December 2012

Off to see the waterfall
Blue houses

Tall and imposing

Tall and imposing

Blue town, Big Hills

Blue town, Big Hills

Chefchaouen. The plan is to find our way through the Medina to Ras el Ma, the head of the water. This is the place where the town’s water supply comes out of the gorge wall.

A late breakfast, a coffee along the way and we make it to the city walls. Quite impressive and a contrast with the sugar coated houses of the Medina. We make our way along and up till we start hearing the water. We all imagined the waterfall to be out of town in a quiet place, but it is next to the Medina. You cannot see the water come out of the wall, as they have build a flour mill right at the start.

Communal washing.  A great idea

Communal washing. A great idea

Further down are concrete wash stations to do laundry. Very organised! Nobody is doing laundry at the moment and we take a break here. It is a nice spot.
We go up and around and get a view over town from the other side. The mountains are impressive and town is nicely nestled in among. A funeral procession goes by made up entirely of men.


Crystal clear water.  Just ignore the taste of washing detergent.

Crystal clear water. Just ignore the taste of washing detergent.

We take a few minor paths and end up back at the river following it down. The water is crystal clear and freezing cold. Clean enough to drink, if you ignore the garbage floating in it.

Blue.  Everything is BLUE!

Blue. Everything is BLUE!

Back in the Medina we spend the afternoon wandering the small streets. The colours are amazing. Different shades of blue and lilac set off by red brick and bright tiles. Nobody seems to be able to tell us why the town is painted blue, but it sure looks good.

Where are the Smurfs?

Where are the Smurfs?

The town is obviously reliant on tourism, with souvenir shops all over, but nobody is pushy. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back and with the sun out it is a very nice day. Stopping for freshly squeezed juice and bakery sweets. Admiring the local crafts and goods.

She doesn't look like Smurfette

She doesn’t look like Smurfette

We are once again in Berber territory. Anna is happy as she has found a new traditional fashion style. All through the Atlas, every region or town, had it’s own dress style (for the women, as men sort of dress the same everywhere)
When we got to Marrakesh it all ended. The big cities and the coastal region is too mixed to find any specific style.
Here is a new one though : The local ladies wear woven striped fabric over their skirts.

Some places ran out of Blue

Some places ran out of Blue

Mostly red and white, vertical stripes, but also red and blue or blue and white. The cloth does not go all the way around, it ties at the waist, showing a bit of the skirts under it at the front. It is a nice look, that matches the tablecloths, and contrast well with the blue walls. (It is hard to sneak a good photo though..without being noticed.)






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