25 December 2012

Taxi to Immouzer
To Bus or not to Bus
Taxi to Azrou
Pretty in Pink hotel
Drinking like the locals

Today we are leaving Bhalil and moving on to Azrou.
We were advised to take a taxi to Sefrou and then a taxi to Immouzzer du Kandar, followed by a bus to Azrou. As the taxi’s from Bhalil can go straight to Immouzzer, we decided to do that.
After being dropped at the taxi station in Immouzer, we dragged our bags up to the bus stop. The first bus to stop did go to Azrou, but was full. Again a friendly local came up and explained that as is was Sunday a lot of people were about, visiting the snow. We are going higher up and will be passing Ifrane, a popular fancy ski town and near by is Mischliffen, a ski area.
We can wait for the next bus in about an hour, or take a grand taxi. David walks back to the taxi station to find out how much that would be, but comes back disappointed. As it is busy there to, the prices have gone up and are more than double what the bus will cost. We decide to wait for the next bus and take our chances. A few more buses go passed, but none heading our way. When the next bus to Azrou finally shows up, it is full again. Only three people are allowed on and than only if they go all the way to Beni Mellal. Not us.
The town here does not look interesting enough to hang around, so we swallow and pay for the overpriced grand taxi.

Driving through Ifrane is a head spin.. It was set up by the French as little France, but is now know as little Switzerland. All the houses look European, really wealthy Alpine stuff. Perfect looking parks, fountains and big chalet style hotels. Good thing we are not staying here.

Can you point me to the snow?

Can you point me to the snow?

We drive on to Azrou, which turns out to be an ok town. We were dropped at an hotel that seemed fine, but the girls set of to look at some other options in town. We are planning to spend a few nights here and might as well look around for a nice place. We find one just behind the big mosque. Two nicely decorated rooms, hot showers, and Wifi for free, what more could we ask for? (Looking back : The water was not very warm and the Wifi was not actually from the hotel, but from nearby cafe’s that turned it off quite often..) We asked the manager if anybody in Morocco celebrates Christmas at all, but as it is a Muslim country hardly anybody does. He did tell us that a local hotel had some Berber entertainment tonight, that would be worth a visit.
A quick walk around the old bit of town which has a relaxed feel about it.
We went back to the hotel pretty early, because we still had those bottles of wine waiting in the luggage. Finally we could have a little in peace and quiet.
After finishing the wine (which was not the plan, but after opening the bottles, they did not last for long) we headed out for the hotel. We have heard plenty of Berber music, but David and Sophia have not really had a chance yet, so it seemed like a good plan. On arrival it was clear that the entertainment was in the bar, so we had no choice but to have more wine and join the locals. The music was fine, but the dancing entertainment was a bit limited. Two well rounded woman shaking their hips and booties. Pretty tame, but probably as racy as it gets in Morocco.
After much talking and drinking, we make our way back along the by now frozen and quite streets.


Kind of hung over… We might feel sometimes like we are getting old and can’t handle our alcohol any more, but the two young ones (David and Sophia are 19) are actually worse off than us! Sophia does joins us for a walk around though, breakfast, fresh orange juice and a look at the views.


First day of Christmas, no snow?

First day of Christmas, no snow?

Still no snow at the Souk

Still no snow at the Souk


Christmas!  What?  Did something happen today?
Playing Cards
EXTRA rain
Playing Pool
A bit more rain.



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