30 December 2012

To leave or to stay?
Bag repairing & Carpet shops
Another walk around town
Lunch 16Dh, no wait 60Dh

OK, so this will be a sad blog.  Sorry in advance.
In the morning, we got up to our beautifuly heated room.  Debating on whether we should stay another day or not.  Cons:  Midelt is not that interesting a place.  We have already walked around a lot of the town and outskirts.  Pros:  It has mines outside of town you can visit.  It has a good cheep hotel.  The hotel has heating, a TV and ensuit with working hot water.

How can you argue with the list?  We will stay another day.  On talking to the woman that runs the hotel, it was all arranged.

If only we had a house...  Carpets would not be a problem

If only we had a house… Carpets would not be a problem

Thinking it would be good to get my camera bag repaired, we asked about that at the same time.  She shanghighed a young man from next door to help us.  This took us through half the town.  Firstly in one direction, where the man said he could not help, but gave directions to another place across town that should be able to fix it.  On our way there, he picked up a friend, and we made our way through a market we had not discovered before.  Coming to a shoe makers shop.  He took one look at it, and said he would try.  The zipper no longer works, and we just thought they could sew a new one on.  However he thought that a bit crude.  Trying to repair the little zippy bit, only to find that didn’t work, he just cut one of the others out and attached that.  Frying the end of the zipper with his lighter to reseal it, and the bag was as good as new.  A bit stiff, but it does zip up again.  Our helpful young man dissapeared, and his friend dragged us off to his shop.

Almost as good as the Taemas fossils

Almost as good as the Taemas fossils

Surprise Surprise, it turned out to be a carpet shop.  The tea came out, followed by the carpets.  We had no interest in this, but did check out his mineral displays.  Most of these come from the abandoned mines nearby.  He had some brilliant black and brown marble that contained fossiles.  He got a bit pushy and we had trouble making it out of there.

Walking around a new section of town, we decided on a warm tanjine for lunch.  Yesterday it was hard to find anything other than a grilled sandwich, but we did find a restaurant that had some.  Enquiring about the price, we were told it was 16Dh.  Thinking this was wrong we reconfirmed.  He spoke good english, and said that was the right price.  Perfect.  When it came out, it was a bit on the small side, but considering the price, thought it was still a bargin.  To top it off, he brought out some Salad!  It was great and had a spicy dressing.  After the meal, we also got tea.  Now we started worrying about the price.  Still, it was a good meal.  When we were ready to go, we tried to pay.  Giving him a twenty, he kept going on about it being 16.  O.K So where is my change?  On the table he drew 60 in the crumbs.  This started a whole arguement where he said we couldn’t understand english, and we were trying to explain the difference between saying sixteen and sixty.  It was not pleasant.  Then he started saying the same thing in German.  Still calling lunch 16!  We explained that we had been in Morocco for a while and a 60Dh tanjine is about 5 times the size of the one he gave us, and if he had been honest in the first place we would have left.  Giving him another 10, we left in disgust with a bitter taste in our mouth, and glad we had only ordered one tanjine.

A peaceful place for your afterlife

A peaceful place for your afterlife

Back down to the river that seperates new town from the old Kasbah we went through, we walked up to another graveyard.  This had brilliant views out over the mountains, and we sat there enjoying it for a while.  It was starting to turn colder, so we retreated back to the hotel, with bread, cheeze, tomato and chocolate for dinner.  Getting the TV working and updating the blog.  We only found out the place has WIFI after we asked about a local internet cafe. Not that we were worried, whith all the other comforts we have!



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