14 January 2013

Old Fortress
More Wind
Searching for Supermarkets
Even More Wind
Hideout with Wine
Still Even More Wind

A good view with Breakfast

A good view with Breakfast

O.K.  It rained fairly heavily last night, but at least it was not raining today.  Being Monday, things should be open today, and it is our only chance to check out the city.  We started our walk well.  Finding a coffee shop that did bacon and eggs.  It is amazing how you can have a craving for something, and this one has been with me for a few weeks by now.  Finally I got to fill it.  It was worth every cent!  The cafe was next to the bottom walls of the old fortress, and we decided to go have a look at it.  On arriving, we found out that most of it is now taken up by two museums.  Both of which are open on Sunday, but not Monday!  Typical.  Still, we were able to wander around parts of the walls, see a few cannons, and admire the different architecture of the four periods over which it was built.

Out of the wind

Out of the wind

With the overcast weather, everything looked grey, but the rain was holding off.  Walking around to the main entrance, we proceeded up the ancient steps and through into the fortress.  Here we were sheltered from the wind a little, but as we worked our way out to the battlements we bore the full brunt of it.  The view more than made up for the fact that we were walking at a forty five degree angle.  The city has done well with the place though.  The repair work has been done in style, and throughout the different sections they have things set up explaining what you are looking at, what period it was created, and what daily life was at the time.  In English!


Very Old, New, and just old.

Very Old, New, and just old.

The different sections have been built up over the hill, and the modern city is around and through the fort.  There is one section that is separated by 1960’s holiday apartments, and although it is a different look, it shows that the place is still constantly evolving.  Having almost been blown off the ramparts a few times, we thought we had done enough of the fortress, exploring the different sides, seeing the sheltered cove that it was protecting, and an underground parking lot where the storage areas under the hill were.


Looks good, but I don't think they use it any more

Looks good, but I don’t think they use it any more

Walking around the docks, we made our way back to the supermarket we had seen yesterday.  Hoping that it would be open today.  It was.  Going in, we were kids in a well, supermarket.  All the chocolate we couldn’t get, real cheese, alcohol and a variety of other foods and essentials.  As we started browsing the shelves, there was an announcement over the P.A system.  The shop was closing.  We had forgotten about Siesta.  The shop is only open a few hours, before it closes for a three hour lunch break.  While I enjoy the idea of Siesta, when you have just started shopping, you don’t want to have to stop.  Still, we got enough to last us until it reopened in the evening.  Back outside, we walked through a different section of the city to get back to the hostel.  Our meagre bag of food trailing along behind us like a balloon on a string.


It was overcast.  I swear!

It was overcast. I swear!

Having enough sand and other miscellaneous small bits being blown into our eyes, we returned to the hostel, where we made a really nice picnic lunch of salmon and brie, washed down with a fairly decent wine.  Luxury.

Now the clouds came back in, rain started, and we decided against hitting the nightclubs for a liquid dinner.  All in all, without the wind, Melillia would be a nice place.



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