21 January 2013

Booking plane ticket

It's like a crumpet!

It’s like a crumpet!

It is a miserable day in Fes. It is wet, grey, drizzling..
We do venture out eventually for breakfast and a coffee.
The streets are slippery and mucky. All the shops and stalls are open, but most of the people are hiding under their umbrella’s. There is now an added danger in the narrow alleyways : getting your eye poked out by the umbrella’s or (accidentally) getting hit with them by the kids.

On making it back to the hotel, we go upstairs to book our tickets to Egypt.
Not a problem, as we researched all our options yesterday. We also book a hotel for the first days in Cairo.
We hang out a bit and chat with an Japanese guest travelling Morocco for a few weeks.

The blue gate .. again.

The blue gate .. again.

Time to head out again for lunch. If you don’t want to eat the same thing every time, and you want to pay normal prices instead of the inflated tourist price, this is not the area to stay in. We wander down and up other lanes, trying to find some attractive food, but are not successful. If we wanted kif or “Moroccan Chocolate” it would have been far easier. We settle for a quick sandwich and head back to get out of the rain.

With the tickets booked, we still have about a week in Morocco and are planning to go north. Hopefully the weather will be getting better, but the forecasts are not good…



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