04 March 2013


Sweet, sweet sugercane juice from Ahmed's uncle's shop.

Sweet, sweet sugercane juice from Ahmed’s uncle’s shop.

We have asked Ahmed to come with us to Abu Simbel. He has never visited it either and wants to come along, but he has to clear things first with his family. He is staying in Aswan for a while because his cousin will be getting married in about a weeks time. Ahmed has been enlisted by his family to help out with all the preparations that a wedding involves here. (And that is quite a bit!) We will let us know by the evening if he can make it tomorrow. We in the mean time have nothing much to do, but we don’t mind. It is nice to have a day off from sightseeing. It just doesn’t make for a very interesting blog..
We have put together some general photo’s of Aswan.

Anything and everything is for sale on the souk street.

Anything and everything is for sale on the souk street.

Aswan is a pleasant town even though it is so touristy. We have already mentioned a few things about our run ins with the hustlers etc. but besides people living of tourists, the rest of town is really nice. The souk is set up well with anything you might want on offer. “I don’t know what you want, Lady, but I know I have it!” is what the salesmen yell out. We have not been looking to buy, just strolled the street quite a bit as our hotel is just of a side street. The souk road is more then a kilometre long, colourful and fragrant. Mostly fragrant because of all the spice shops and all the incense burning, but Aswan also has a few shops that sell fermented fish.. Jars and jars are on display with small fish or fish bits soaking in liquid. Apparently it is fermented salty fish and people here like it. We were not tempted to try it.


Some people really do eat this..

On the first day we discovered a coffee shop that charges decent prices and we have been returning there every day, sometimes twice a day. Sit back and relax and see live go past. The taxi’s, the bikes and the donkeys. People watching and studying local fashion.

"Our" local coffee house.

“Our” local coffee house.

The Cornish is along the Nile, and I think we have said it before, but it is a bit disappointing that there is a footpath beside the large divided road, and then a long fence.  The riverbank is exclusively for the cruise ships and expensive restaurants.  There are no nice shady areas to sit and look at the Nile and west Bank.  This is a shame, as there is a lot of potential there to make a part of the otherwise functional city beautiful.  There is also the Syrian market.  The standing joke here is that it is supposed to be Syrian made, but in reality is Chinese made with the labels replaced.  We can confirm some of this, as the storage boxes out the back were Asian, but the clothing and other pieces would have to be Syrian.  Still, it provides much needed money to the Syrian refugees in the country, and considering some of the stories we have heard about Egyptians taking advantage of them…

Of to school (we hope) on the donkey!

Off to school (we hope) on the donkey!

Anna has tried a bit of shopping here again, but still has not been able to find anything. Ahmed’s help was appreciated as he has asked around and took us to some stores with ladies fashion. Unfortunately the ladies here seem to like a lot of different colours, frills and glitter. If possible all in the one piece of clothing. Not Anna’s style. Also a bit confusing as most women on the street don’t seem to wear these clothes either..
An easy day. In the evening Ahmed gave us a call, he is too busy to join us for Abu Simbel.  That’s a shame, but we will catch up with him again when we come back.



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