23 March 2013

Dar es Salaam
Returning dongle
tourist info again
walk around museum area
finding a beer
booking bus out

We were supposed to leave Dar today, but unfortunately the new internet usb dongle didn’t work at all last night. We spent 60.000 shilling on it, so will have to go back to the store today for a refund. That means another day in Dar as the buses only leave in the morning.
Refunds are not easily gotten in Tanzania, but eventually we got our money back. We were told that internet in all of Tanzania was down the last two days and that is why the device did not work. Maybe so, but they should have told us this when we bought it. (It turns out that a fibre optic cable was cut and Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda were with out internet for about 4 days)
After this we stopped by tourist info again. To apologise for our bad moods last time and to get some info on the Tanga region. We get a little brochure.
Exploring a part of town we haven’t done before, we finally find a second hand travel book. Again not cheap, but nothing in this country seems to be. Strange in a land where supposedly more then halve the population lives of less than a dollar a day..

We go past the museum and some embassies. Not interested in those, we are on the hunt for a beer. Finally being out of Muslim countries we are looking forward to having a beer with the locals. The watering hole we eventually find is not the prettiest, but beer they have. We have the local brew Kilimanjaro. Very yeasty and not the best. After one we leave, as nobody seems very talkative especially us.


On the way back we spot a bus company two street away from our hotel. How did we not see this one before? They do buses direct from there to Tanga and this means we do not have to take a taxi to the main bus station first. Easy! It does leave at 6.00 am though, this means we have to get up very early. With the tickets purchased, we call it a day.


We have been going back and forth about staying or leaving Tanzania all together. We have decided to still give it a go, you can never compare the biggest city with the rest of the country and hopefully things will get better. Still pretty shaken up from the robbery though. Not feeling very safe in the streets and definitely not going anywhere after dark. Tanga is described as a friendly city on the coast, and we are hoping for some positive experiences and to finally meet the famous friendly Tanzanians.


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