24 March 2013

Dar es Salaam to Tanga
Bus trip
Tuktuk to hotel
meeting a German

Dar es Salaam bus station at 7.30 in the morning..

Dar es Salaam bus station at 7.30 in the morning..

Up at 5.00 (!!) to get to the bus at 5.30. We are ushered in quickly and are off. First stop is the bus station of Dar es Salaam to fill up the bus. This doesn’t take as long as expected and we are on our way soon.
The bus is fairly comfortable and we feel good enough to take out Andrew’s camera and take some photo’s along the way.


It doesn’t take long to get out of Dar and into the country side. Green fields, palm trees and lots of shrubbery. Little villages in between, mud built houses with palm leave roofs.  The structure is different to Moroccan or Egyptian mud, as these are not bricks.  The houses are wooden poles creating a latticework with mud pushed into the holes to fill them up.  Considering the average rainfall here, we are not sure how effective this is, but with maintenance it should last a while.

We arrive in Tanga at about 14.00 and are relieved to get of the bus. In the long run it was not really that comfy (no airco) and we are sick of the bad action movies they keep playing.
At the bus station we get swamped by the touts. Taxi, tuktuk, motorbike?
We grab our bags and make for the first hotel we see. 35.000 shilling. Too expensive, but we have a drink in the next door cafe, hoping for the touts to finally leave us alone. Most wonder off, but one very persistent fly actually sits down next to us.. We tell him that we are not going to go anywhere with him, as we have asked him to leave us alone. It doesn’t seem to register, and when we are finished, he gets up expecting to now put us in his taxi.. (?)
We decline and decide to take a tuktuk. We are hesitant to get in a car with all our remaining luggage, with the risk of being mugged again. A tuktuk seems safer, as we can at least jump out. (Horrible how suspicious we are at the moment. Hopefully we get over it soon, cause this is no fun)
We do jump out of the tuktuk along the way, but only to give it a push. Our driver keeps stalling the engine and we get stuck in the occasional pothole. We arrive at the next hotel safe and sound, with our confidence a little bit restored.


The bus station is in the area where most of the people of Tanga life. We are now close to the coast in historic down town Tanga. Quieter and supposedly quite beautiful. The hotel here is 15.000 shilling, more within our budget. At check in we run into a German and we invite him over for a drink so we can interrogate him about Tanzania. He doesn’t seem to mind, and it is good hearing positive travel stories about this country. A drink turns into dinner and a beer. We are joined by a local guy that Frido, the German knows and taken to the sea side for an outdoor meal.

Have we mentioned yet that we are starving in this country? So far we have mainly been living of the included hotel breakfast (an omelet), fresh juice and pancakes. The menu’s in Dar es Salaam are in Swahili and nobody has been wanting to explain to us what the different meals are. Also in Dar there seems to be a lot of Indian food around, and as Andrew is allergic to curry, we have not been willing to experiment too much. The simple rice with veggies we had a few nights ago was really quite horrible and over priced..
Our local guy advises us to order the pizza. Not very adventurous, but good none the less. It is basically mince wrapped in pastry, so not like the pizza we are used to but for once we go to bed full.
A good night with a beautiful sunset!



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