27 March 2013

Beach walk
Town walk

We wake up to the sound of the rain. Not surprising as it is the rainy season. By 9.00 or so it starts to clear up and we head to the community centre for breakfast. Coffee and juice and fresh pancakes with peanut butter! A bit of a splurge, but sooo worth it.

Today we just want to walk along the beach and see town. Ally warned us yesterday not to take any valuables with us for the beach walk, as it is not always safe. We are starting to get worried about these warnings every time. We still thought that the smaller villages would be safe enough. And as we are still trying to get over the Dar experience, they are not helping our confidence..

The beach here is ok. Not the stunning beaches we were told about, as they turn out to be 20km further south and the domain of resorts. Pangani is set at the mouth of the Pangani river, the second river of Tanzania coming from the Kilimanjaro region. You can ferry across to go further south along the coast. We are walking up north. A few people are out fishing. We collected some shells and saw lots of different crabs. Making it to the headland there was a little shire build into the cliff.
Another front was coming in over the ocean, and we only just made it back before it burst open. After an hour or so it was done and we went for the town walk.

Again Pangani is supposed to have some old buildings around. The town was a major slaving depot and there are buildings from that time and from the German time. Again they are very run down and not really that interesting as we can’t visit the inside.
We are a bit worried as Tanga and Pangani are supposed must-sees, but there is hardly anything there, and nothing much to do if you don’t have the money for the fancy tours. Wondering what that says about the rest of the country..

The most interesting place was the coconut husking place further up river, with mountains of coconuts. The husks are not used, and are left to float away in the river. This explains why there were so many on the beach this morning.
The town does have a good feel about it though and the people, mostly the kids, are very friendly. A nice town to relax in for a day.



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