02 April 2013

Lushoto to Mombo by daladala
negotiations for bus
bus to Moshi
view of Kilimajaro

Leaving Lushoto today, heading for Moshi.
Andrew could have stayed for the amazing mashed potato, but they say Kilimanjaro is pretty good too..

A bus!

A bus!

A daladala to Mombo is easy. We passed through Mombo on the way up, and were expecting to be dropped at the main bus station. Did was not the case, and instead we ended up on a street hassled by flycatchers. We quickly grabbed our bags and went for a drink. As there are no bus companies in view, and we do not want to ask the fly catchers, we walk in a direction that looks ok. Here we meet a man that wants to sell us a bus ticket. There is a direct bus to Moshi, that won’t stop anywhere else. That sounds good and he even still has seats available for the 11.00 bus. As it is just after Easter, the buses are very full today. We haggle hard on the price for the ticket, as his asking price was ridiculous. Finally we agree, and he shows us a seat to wait for the bus.


Off course the bus is too late, but not by much. Then the madness starts. Most of the time the people wanting to get on, don’t let the arriving people of the bus first. And you just don’t all fit in there! We wait to load our bags on and then try to find a seat.

Street life

Street life

The bus is chockers but we get the front two seats allotted. Still cramped, as there are people standing in front of us and in the walk way. We get going, but only for a few kilometres where we are told is a 10 min stop for people to get some lunch. As we don’t need any, we stay in the bus, until the ticket collector makes a fuss. Apparently we did not pay enough for the tickets and he wants more money. We tell him that we agreed on a price with the first guy (he is still on the bus too) and if it is not enough, we can take a refund and find another bus. As we make our way out, he seams to change his mind, and we are told to sit down again. This is no longer possible, as our seats were taken instantly when we got up. The women in our seats is told to get out, and once again we are ordered to sit down. Very friendly…

Passing through towns along our way

Passing through towns along our way

Eventually everybody loads on again and we finally leave Mombo.
The drive is cramped, and as they are working on the highway, we are mostly on bad dirt roads. We arrive later then expected, because the direct bus turned out to stop quite a lot. In Moshi we head for a hotel that is in the guide book, with the best view of Kilimanjaro. Again we get the flycatchers, but in this town they are not too bad. The hotel is big, concrete and ugly, but the room is ok. We get the warnings not to leave anything of value in the room, we can leave it all at reception. Apparently this hotel has had some incidents.

After check in we make our way to the top floor restaurant to see if we can catch a glimpse of Kili. We met some one before, that had stayed in Moshi for a week, but never got to see the mountain through the cloud cover.

We are lucky. There she is in all her glory! White snow-capped peak with only a few little clouds about. We have a beer and enjoy the view. Pretty amazing to see snow, so close to the equator. We have clear views of Kibo peak and later on also Mawenzi peak.
Hope you enjoy the photo’s, but they don’t compare to seeing it for real!




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