03 April 2013

Walk around moshi
good coffee at last

Just a quiet day hanging around Moshi.
It is a nice town. Fairly busy, but not too much hassle.
The town itself is not very appealing, but no town so far has been. The buildings are just not very pretty. It is a very clean town though. Lots of bins around, and you can get big fines for littering.
We walk the main streets first. Again all kinds of little stall put up on the side-walk, mostly selling phone cards, phone credit or other stuff to do with phones. Every now and then there is a stall in between with clothes or shoes.
And occasionally there are the medicine stalls. Lots of jars, big or small, with mostly coloured powers. These are sopposed to be the traditional healing herbs and medicine that the people from the country side bring in to sell in the city. All in Shwahili though, so we have no idea what thay are made off, or what they are good for.
The market is Moshi is not any different from the others. Fruit, veggies, beans, rice and off course the piles of little dried fishies. Oh, they smell.
After the main market we wander to see if we cannot walk out of town. On the outskirts we run into another market. This one much smaller and it looks like the local farmers market. Here we get some tomatoes and banana’s and even a avocado! Much better prices then we have been getting so far, and from the smiles on the old ladies faces, we are still overpaying. But here we don’t mind.

Mmarket2Further along is the train track and some factories, so we decide to head back..
One street in dedicated to turning old tins into oil lamps. And another specialises in flip flops. The Maasai now wear thongs made out of old car tyres and in this street these are all they make. Besides the Maasai style thongs, they also make standard ones even painted up with pretty flowers for the girls.

The Moshi region is famous for it’s coffee, so Andrew is looking for a proper cup. So far all we have had is instant coffee. We find a cafe that does great food and drinks. Yes, not for the standard local prices, but this place is set up for the tourists, and you can tell. The coffee is worth it and so is the fresh passion juice. Delicious!



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