07 April 2013


off to the lodge!
walk around the suburb
river views

Today we got picked up at 10.00 as arranged and taken to the fancy lodge for a day in luxury before the safari.

The lodge is about 5 k out of town, but apparently in a sort of new suburb of safari lodges. It looks nice though and the room is good on first glance. A bit more investigation and we find out that the bed side lights are broken, the tv doesn’t work and neither does the airco.. Oh, well, we don’t want to sit in the room all day anyway..
Outside we run into Dismas, the resident souvenir seller. He has his own little business set up selling everything from statuettes to bracelets and paintings. He has some nice items, but we don’t want any.

Then he proudly tells us about the tortoises that live at the lodge. He brings over the small one, that is constantly trying to escape. Pretty quick for a tortoise. We keep an eye on him, while Dismas is off looking for the big one. It tends to crawl under the bushes and can be hard to find..
When he brings him back, the poor thing is off course terrified and refuses to come out of its shell. We let him sit for a while and wait patiently. The shell itself is impressive enough. This is a Big Tortoise! After about half an hour, the heads pops out and one leg. Just enough for it to get himself turned around and then he wanders off to find a new bush!
Tanzania, Zanzibar, Jozani forest, Leopard tortoise (Geochelone pardalis)
We go for a walk towards the river. The river here is a deep gorge and at the bottom we take a break to let the peace sink in. There are supposed to be baboons here, but we can’t spot any. The little path we took down turns out to be a lot more popular then we expected, with lots of locals going up and down and crossing the river barefoot with all their groceries.
Back at the lodge Anna had a cold shower..no hot water available..
Time to complain a bit. We got the hot water turned on, the airco also, the tv fixed, but could not get the promised wifi.. To bad, because we wanted to take some time here to plan the next bit of this trip after the safari.
Dinner and a beer at the main road, about a kilometer away along very muddy dirt roads.
An early night and looking forward to tomorrow, even though we are dreading it also, with the standards of this “luxury lodge”..



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