10 April 2013

no pick up from lodge
new hotel

11th got robbed at hotel
guest house/bar

New guest house


We are out of the lodge today on the 10th.  The plan was to use the internet here to work out what we wanted to do, but that backfired, and we will need another day in Arusha.
After a fantastic breakfast (No, we are not being satirical, it really was good!) we found that there would be no transport for us back into town.  The driver was supposed to do this, but he was somewhere in the Serengeti by now, and no one had thought about it.  Walking the couple of kilometres through the very muddy tracks, we made it to the road to catch a daladala back to town.  This was not so bad, and there was room for us and our bags.  As we were near the end of the line we even got seats!
marketBack in town we checked into the Arusha Annex Hotel.  Loud, nothing special, but the right price for us.  Not sure now how we wasted the day, but on the 11th we checked in for another night.  Within the next 2 hours while we had breakfast at their hotel restaurant, we were robbed.  Someone from the hotel had used another key to gain entry to the room and go through our bags.  All they managed to get though was my Ipod.  The loss of music is a blow, but we still have all our contacts on the other one.  This created a huge stir with the hotel.  We were accused of being liers, and a lot of other things we cannot type here.  During the day, I got spat on by another person walking down the road, and Anna got punched by one person and slapped by another.  This is how guests to a country are apparently treated.  After all this we were pretty distraught, and moved to a different guest house.  This was a bar with a couple of rooms with a bed in them.  Nothing else, however it felt safer than where we had been.  A bad night and another move to a different guest house on the 12th.  KonyagiNow we just want to get out of the country.  Our initial reaction to Tanzania was to leave, and we should have done so.  Now we just needed to work out how and to where.  We found a couple of flights, but the cheepest was from Zanzibar, and we could get there easily as well, but it meant another couple of days in Arusha.  At this stage we didn’t want to leave the guest house, do anything, see anyone, and although this was driving us crazy we didn’t want to risk anything other than essential trips outside for Konyagi (alcohol similar to vodka) and food.

On the 14th we met two fantastic people Samuel and Helen.  They were staying in the same guest house as us, and invited us to join the conversation.  Saying we were not in the right frame of mind to actively participate was not good enough, and we ended up spending most of the night talking to them!  This was just what we needed.  It was the fist time we could have a real conversation!  To top it all off, they were Kenyan and not even Tanzanian (Now we have left, this was still the best night we have had in the country!)

This made all the crap we have gone through almost worth while.  We also learnt that it is not just white people that cop it here, as Helen has had a hard time doing business here, and has also been robbed.  Just because her Ki-Swahili is different to the people in Arusha!  Not a pleasant thought for the country, but fits with our impressions.  Still, we were so happy to meet two nice and genuine people after weeks off people demanding money to just talk (or the hand out at the end, or trying to sell us something,,,)



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