19 April 2013

Booking ticket
chatting with Sissi
Fancy diner out

Deciding to leave Tanzania all together, we spend most of today finding a ticket online. The internet is shocking. Slow and unreliable, so it took us a while. We will be heading back to Europe. Cold and wet, but a bit of normalcy might be what we need.
Back at the hotel we had a nice chat with Sissi. She is originally form Bulgaria, but has been on the island for 4 years, married to a local guy. In the beginning she was having (and is sometimes still having) issues with the Zanzibari. She does not get the tourist hassles anymore, as people know her now, but because she is not Tanzanian he will still sometimes get Mzungu (white) prices. Her husband does all the shopping 🙂 Must be frustrating though.
images17Well, after having spend a fortune on a ticket out of here, we might as well keep splurging. We went back to the nice cafe restaurant run by the Belgian, as we have not been able to get the menu out of our heads. Smoked salmon, prawns, creamy spinach.
It was really good and they gave us a free entre and little dessert! A bit of luxury!

Beach football, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Taking it easy today.

We went for a walk along the beach and spend a few hours making sand sculptures. The beach is nice and quiet with palm trees and little fishing boats going past.
Big fig trees and little ghost crabs.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAimages22te_stone_town_beach_sunset
Sunset along the water again, with the kids and teenagers showing of their tumbling and acrobatic skills.





Last day and we wake up to heavy rain. It did not clear till midday and then went for a spiced coffee on the beach.


Wandered the markets for a while looking for a nice kanga, but could not find one we liked. The markets are busier on a Sunday, but the rest of town is pretty quiet. Lost of closed shops.
Strangely, now that we have our ticket to leave booked, we are liking the island more and more. Almost feeling sad to go..
Not sure if it is because we have been here for a while now and the hasslers are getting less. Or because we know we are going to cold Europe and are savoring the last of the sunshine and ocean views.


Seafront Stone TownTanzania overall has not been the most successful country for us. It has prover to be very hard to travel if you do not want to do tours or hire guides everywhere.
We love the country side and the landscapes, the little we have been able to see of it. We are very disappointed with the people though and the attitude to tourists.

zanzibar267-stonetownOff course most of the Tanzanians are lovely people, we have just not been fortunate enough to get to know them. Many people will greet us on the street, but that is as far as the interest goes. Too bad, as we were very much looking forward to seeing something of East Africa and it’s cultures. The plan was always to make it through Tanzania to Malawi, but we do not want to travel here any more at the moment. Malawi, which we have heard is beautiful, might have to wait for a later trip.



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