22 April 2013

Bye Bye Tanzania
Hello Germany!

Leaving Zanzibar today.
An early start and for convenience sake we took a taxi to the airport instead of a daladala. The airport is only small, but they do cram in all the security measures of a big one. On top of it all they slap you with a 35US exit fee.. But we have no choice..
We are flying Condor today, an airline we have not flown with before.
Unfortunately we will not fly with them in the future either, at least not for a long flight. The tickets were fairly cheap, but we did not know that we were booking with a budget airline. No entertainment on board, except for a shared film screen where you have to pay for the earphones. Well, a fitting end to our Tanzania travels. We have been saying for a while now that Tanzania is a stingy country, and Condor is a stingy airline.
But we arrive safe and sound in Frankfurt, Germany. Not as cold as expected and everything is sooo organised. It is almost freaking us out.. A train direct from the airport to down town. frankfurt-02The cheapest hotels and all the hostels are in walking distance in the red light district. The hostels are fully booked, so we go for a nice little hotel.
Kebab with a white wine for dinner and an early night.



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