27 April 2013


K09postfeatureWe made it to Koblenz today.  Through the rest of the Rhine gorge. Here the gorge ends and the Rhine landscape changes.
Koblenz ia another historic city founded by the Roman in 10BC.  Accommodation could have been a bit tricky as the first hotel we went to seemed to be closed, and the next was a little expensive.  However they were more than helpful, and gave us a map marking on other hotels they thought could be cheaper.  We went and checked them out, but as they were all around the same price we went back to the helpful one.  Only after dropping our bags and walking around to get our bearings did we find that we had exited the station on the wrong side.  Still it is a very nice hotel, and we don’t have to carry our bags around any more.
Only having the day, we decided to make the most of it.  Even if the weather had changed and it was cold and miserable.  Off to see where the two rivers (Rhine and Mosel) join, called the Deutsches Eckand, and a famous statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Still ruling..

Still ruling..

This is made larger than life, you could even go as far as saying larger than larger than life.  It towers above the river made from big black blocks, giving it a dark and overbearing feel.  Almost as if the statue is commanding the town to do as it says.  Good solid building to last a few lifetimes.
On the opposite side of the river is the old fortress.

Great steam punk fountain downtown.

Great steam punk fountain downtown.

This is a large complex covering most of the hill.  Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to catch the cable car and go exploring up there.  Anyway we have to leave something for when we return.  We made ourselves content with trying to get to the smaller fortifications behind the train station.  Most of these were inaccessible, and when we did make it to the top, we were surprised that it was all built up with modern housing, and the palace there was closed to the public.  It was a pity we couldn’t have a good look at it.

A city with a rich history

A city with a rich history

Trying to find a different way back down the hill was interesting, as it just kept winding round and round.  There seemed to be no other way down until we came across a small set of stairs.  This led us deep into an overgrown jungle with signs up saying that the council takes no responsibility for anything that happens here.  The original steps were well maintained, and although not sparkling clean, easy to navigate.  We wouldn’t want to do it when they ate covered with ice, but now they were fine.  The steps finished, and we made our way through small trails, eventually making our way to the base of the hill.
Although Koblenz is a lot bigger, there are still plenty of things to see here, from statues of Royalty, lavish parks and an interesting mix of contemporary architecture in places.  A good place to visit.



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