08 May 2013

Castle area

View over the roofs

View over the roofs

Another day in Prague.  We have moved accommodation, as the prices here are not fixed, and our hotel was no longer cheap.  Apparently there is going to be a marathon this weekend, and everything is getting expensive.  Yet we found a nice hostel just off the Charles bridge on the castle side.  Leaving our bags at the hotel was handy, so we didn’t have to drag them…
Then it was time to brave the hill and walk up to the castle itself.  Not much to say about it.  A pretty steep walk up lots of stairs to give a wonderful view of the city.  PPP51pano2Here we found a good spot to drink our chocolate beer (we had seen it this morning, and couldn’t resist).  It turned out to be a dark beer, and the chocolate flavour was not that strong, but gave hints in the after taste.  Yet the smell was fantastic.  This is the life though.  Strange beers, good views and a nice place to sit on the walls.
Entering into the castle complex, we walked around a bit, past the old walls, the newly renovated palaces, and to the cathedral that dominates the complex.  This is stunning.

but also pay attention to the details

but also pay attention to the details

Great. Inside and out.

Inside and out.

We are not sure about the multiple alters still, but the inside was well done, all painted up, or carved.  Back outside we got to witness another protest.  People came up with a very long flag, stretched it out and started chanting.  We have no idea on what it was about, and it was quite small, only twenty people or so.

Patterns painted and carved into the stone work

Patterns painted and carved into the stone work

Going out the back entrance to the castle, to see the rest of the hill, we saw the rest of the protest.  There was a van outside, belting out music with people dancing in the street.  A few placards was all that let you know it was a protest, and not some spontaneous street dance.

PPP54vert3PPP53vert2PPP52vert1We wandered around, found the monastery, and the old walls to the castle.  Following along these, until the military took over and forced us off them.  Then a park, where a lot of the local Pragueians where hanging out in the sunshine.  Further along there is a large park, and past this the massive blocks of apartments start.  Under each one was a pub or supermarket, but we kept going.  Eventually finding a place where the students were hanging out.  Playing volleyball, soccer, or just walking around on stilts.  Here we decided to have a drink or two, and watch the games.

Following the old walls back down

Following the old walls back down

The people here were amazed to see two Australians here, and we got the impression that tourists don’t go to this part of town.  Everyone thought we were students ourselves, which was nice.

It was getting on, so we took our time walking through the park to the base of the hill.  By now the good weather had come to an end, and the rain set in.  Still, we were not too far from where we were staying if we didn’t get lost.  Which we did…



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