12 May 2013

to Olomouc
finding a room

constant rain

This is going to be short.  We left Kutna Hora in the rain, and made our way to Olomouc.  This is to be our last town in Czech.  O15postpanoOn arriving, we found a map of town, and found tourist info.  The train stations have all been a fair way out from the centre, and we decided to take a tram this time.  It was raining a little bit, but not too heavily.  Tourist info is in the centre of town, and fairly easy to find after you get there.  There was one woman working, and she was fairly helpful.  O10posttown2Unfortunately, there is not that much cheap accommodation in town.  We were left with two options.  The first was an ex-military building that is now used in part as accommodation.  The other option was the university.  They have spare rooms in the student accommodation.  One drawback was that they were on different sides of town.  The Uni was closer to down town, but they could not check availability.  O11posttownThe Military barracks were further out, but we knew there was a place to stay there.  We tried the Uni.  Another tram ticket to get there, and a long walk around the uni complex trying to find the right building.  Finding the right place, we were out of luck, they had no rooms available tonight.  This meant that we had to head out to the other side of town, and hope that the room there was still empty.  At the moment the one good thing was that the rain was not too heavy, and our tram tickets last for an hour!
So, tram back to town, then a quick walk to the bus stop, and catch the bus.  We had been given directions by the woman from tourist info, and they worked perfectly.  Now we had to find the next building.  Thinking that it was military, it should be easy to recognise, but the road it was supposed to be on didn’t exist.

O12posttown3A man hanging out his window for a ciggy, saw us with our bags, and guessed what we wanted, so he pointed us in the right direction.  What we had assumed needed to be a road was a driveway. There was nothing to indicate that this building was the right one, other than the thumbs up from our helpful man, and we rang the door.  It was the right place, so we checked in sight unseen.  Language was a bit of a problem, but it all worked out.  Then we saw the room.  It was great.  Not so much a room as an apartment. Kitchen and everything.  This was a bit of overkill for us.  We have paid a lot more for a lot worse!

O13posttown4The rain was poring down now, so we tried to wait it out.  When there was a break, we made a break. Walking towards down town.  We didn’t quite make it, as the rain started up again, so we sought refuge in a pub restaurant.  This was great, as there was good food and drink.  However we did have to walk home in the rain after.

The 12th was very boring.  We staid in the hotel for most of the day as it rained heavily for most of it.  There was one patch of clear sky and we took advantage of that to find the local supermarket to stock up on some supplies before the rain set in again.



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