13 May 2013

Olomouc to Zilina
Walk around town

Leaving our military accommodation today, we wanted to leave our bags in town so we could look around.  The rain was not so bad, and we have not seen any of the town really, but this was not possible, so we had a nice breakfast on the main square, and lugged our bags to the station.  It is a pity not to see much of the town, but that’s life.
Catching the train from Olomouc in the Czech republic to Zilina in Slovakia was easy.  Even if it was running a bit late!  Pretty boring, but nice country side.  Z26postviewpano2Z27postviewpano3Arriving at Zilina we made our way to the town square.  First stop as usual tourist info.  Here it was pretty good.  The girl was very helpful, and even rang around a few places to help us find accommodation.
Z17posttown3The cheapest was quite a walk away, back towards the railway station, and along the tracks through the industrial zone.  Making our way along this simple walk, we made a wrong turn, and ended up in a different section.  Still this had the advantage of finding the bus station as well.  We did find the place we were supposed to stay at.  Eventually.  It is a bit out of the way,but pretty nice.  We settled in, and made our way back the proper way to town for a look around before dark.
Z16postchurchZilina has a bit of a unique set up.  There is a large town square at the bottom of the hill. The church is higher up, overlooking the square.  Here there is a large screen TV that has anything from advertising to normal TV.  There are no real shops around the square, but a few boulevards lead off into different directions.  These are in much need of work.  The cobblestones are all over the place, with large sections of mud from the rain as the pavement is completely destroyed for meters at a time.
Z23posttown2Z22posttown1From this lower section you can walk up to the church and tower.  From here, a street will take you to another square, and then the main upper square.  Town has THREE squares! It is not that big a town either.  After discovering all this, we were exhausted, and made our way back to where we were staying to work out a plan for the area.



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