26 May 2013

Camera problems
Bloody taxis
Spending the night in a brothel in Miskolc

Walking Miskolc
Looking for hotel
lots of rain

I will keep it short and sweet today. We caught the train from Kosice to Miskolc.  That was easy enough.  We got on, found seats, as it was not a popular train.  We assumed as much by the fact that it runs at really annoying times, like early morning, or late afternoon only.

The trip was pleasant enough, and there was only a small stop at the border (no passport control or anything, just a wait to change drivers, conductors and similar) then onto Miskolc.  On arriving, there was nothing to indicate that this was the right station.  We asked people getting on, and they said it was the right place.  Grabbing our gear and hurrying to make sure we made it off.  The station itself is quite a nice building, but there is nothing here.  Nothing around, and town is about three kilometres away!  Who builds a railway station in the middle of nowhere?

I was praying hard today!

I was praying hard today!

Then we realised we had a problem.  In our rush to get off the train, Andrew had left the camera bag on the rack above the seats.  In a panic, we went to find someone, to let them know.  The security guards were no help.  They kept saying there was a train.  Yes, I know, my bag is still on it!  Eventually we found an information office.  Here the woman was very helpful.  Her English was OK, and when she worked out what was wrong, she called someone to get the conductor to have a look.  Drawing a diagram for us to mark where we were sitting.  After a suspenseful wait, nothing.  The bag was gone.  Explaining again that it was a small bag, she tried again.  This was a lot longer wait, as the conductor had his job to do first.  Still nothing.  This was crushing news.  After all the problems we had in Tanzania, Andrew left the camera on the train!  Giving up, we thanked the woman, but she said the conductor was doing a last sweep of the train.  This time it turned up.  Apparently it was in carriage three.  The diagram she drew only had two carriages.  When we boarded the train, we just got on the last one, and didn’t know how many were in front of us, so when we put our X on the picture, we didn’t know there were three carriages, and not two.  Still, the bag had turned up!
Now we just had to get it back.  The woman was closing up the info booth, as it was already long past her checkout time, but organised for it to come back on the next train for us.  IT would be left at security for us to pick up.  The only problem was that it wouldn’t arrive until 10pm.  A few hours away.  We took a walk around the area looking for a hotel, but as said before, there is nothing here.  At the Pub we asked some people, but only one person spoke German.  Anna found out that we would need to catch a bus or tram into the centre.  The man that helped us was a very friendly, intoxicated neo-nazi, complete with “Sieg Heil” and salute on us leaving!  What an unexpected welcome to Hungary.  So, we just had to hang around for a few hours.
The time came, and we got the camera back in one piece.  THANKYOU HUNGARIAN RAILWAYS!

No, Anna really, I have never been in a brothel before!  I just think that this is what they look like....

No, Anna really, I have never been in a brothel before! I just think that this is what they look like….

But we still don’t have a place to stay. Resorting to a taxi (I know! I know!), we got a lift into town and to a place to stay.  The taxi driver didn’t turn on the meter, which was a bad sign, and we set out.
Having no idea on where we were going, we were happy that he pulled up to a place that he knew, and got the owner out to meet us.  We negotiated a price, and paid the overpriced fare to the driver.  At least we had somewhere to spend the night.
It turns out that the place we were staying was an old brothel.  We assume by the decor anyway.  It was all pinks and reds with flowing sheets as the roof.  Not badly set up, and to get away from the whole renting by the hour idea they had hung up a series of finished jigsaw puzzles.

M26postdetailThe next morning we discovered we were just as far from the centre of town as the station, just a different direction.  Thanking our host, we set off to find it.
Past the park, graveyard and then we were on the back streets.  This was fine, as now we knew we were there.  Looking for tourist information, we canvassed the main street – twice.  Eventually finding it, only to discover it was closed.
M27posttown1Finding a place with Wifi, we had coffee and looked for somewhere to stay.  There was apparently places out near the university, so we went to the bus station to catch a bus out there.  A helpful person told us where to go to catch the bus, as it didn’t go bast the station itself, and we had to walk there.  At the bus stop, we hung around until all the other buses had gone past two or three times.  Apparently the Uni bus doesn’t work on  weekends either.

M28posttown2Giving up on that we just walked town until we found a place.  There was one down a side street that I had thought was closed before.  Turns out it was open.  A nice place and fairly cheep, especially as it is right down town.  After we checked in, it started drissling again.  We had been lucky that it had not rained on us properly on the hours in between.  Still, we had seen a fair portion of town.






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