27 May 2013

We celebrate One year of travel!
Diogyor Castle
Avas hill
W(h)ining and typing
A day trip out to Diogyor Castle. It is in Miskolc apparently, but you have to catch a tram to get out there.  We stopped by tourist info to start with, they were open today and fairly helpful about the town and region.
G56postview2The city is built in a valley and is very long but narrow.  The only tram line goes along this valley.  Going out to the castle is about 10-15km, but took about an hour.  After leaving the old down town area, we entered new town, scatterings of smaller houses nestled between ranks of large communist blocks.  When we get off the tram we are in another small town centre that has grown into Miskolc.


Still looking out for the region

Still looking out for the region

The Castle should be on a hill, and we have already caught glimpses of it along the way.  Taking a circulous route, we made it to the ticket office.  On getting out tickets we found out there was a guided tour every hour.  We had a bit of time to kill, so went for a small walk around the grounds.  Over the bridge and up to the first wall.  The moat has been turned into a garden.  Well manicured and looked after, but still just grass.  From the outside there are still four intact towers, and the walls are in decent shape.  Along the walls however there has not been the same care and attention, and the grass is long and wet.  Mostly due to all the rain there has been.  One thing that was completely out of place was the pizza oven set up at one side.
G44postfort2Making it back to the bridge for the tour, we join a large group of Hungarians and Russians, so off we set.  Against all expectations it was in English.  The only drawback was that we were at the back of a large crowd of noisy people that were not that interested in listening.  Our first stop was a small wax museum that is normally under lock and key.  Inside are a series of dioramas that depict daily life of the times.  Nobles, peasants and Royalty.  Important things of note, such as the gift to the city of Kosice of a coat of arms.  G45postfort3Weddings and hunting were also depicted.  On the back wall were a series of pictures depicting the King Sigismond I fighting the devil with the help of the clergy. Although cramped, it was well done and interesting, although now I am typing it up much later I could not tell you much more about it.
After that the tour was done.  We were pretty surprised at that, but apparently it was to just see the wax museum.  Still, we were now allowed to wander the castle at will.  There are also supposed to be a few different exhibitions inside.
G43postfort1Entering the castle, you can see that there is noting left inside except for the to were themselves.  Just a wide open space.  This is used occasionally for period re-enactment, but there is nothing here today, just a few chairs piled into a corner, and a stage.  The first tower was a bit of a let down.  The exhibition on the Royal mint was closed, so I still don’t know how they use the herb.

You wouldn't believe it was Italian!

You wouldn’t believe it was Italian!


The second was a bit better.  There was another re-enactment of siege weapons.  It was well done, and in the basement was all different armours and weapons.  The entire thing was very professional and there were even English explanations of the different things on display.
G49postvertpano1G50postvertpano2G51postvertpano3The last tower that was open took us all the way to the roof. From here there is a great view out over the town.  On the way up there was a brief history of castles in Hungary, from small fortifications to towers and eventually the 18th century palaces within the compounds.
G47postfort6Having had enough of the castle, we headed back to the main section of town for a walk through the graveyard.  There was a reason for this, although it alludes me now.  It was interesting and as we made our way up the hill there were still a number of older graves.  We exited it on the high side, and made our way up through a small winding cobblestone path past a few houses that in their time would have been quite nice, but now are falling into disuse and disintegrating. G42postgraveyard This was one of the paths up the hill to the radio tower.  We had been told to go and see it, and again there was a good view from up there.  I wouldn’t say it was a must see, but the concrete monstrosity was impressive.  Winding back down, we picked up a bottle of wine, and tried to update the blog.  Considering that this is written in Romania, you can see how good the wine was!



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