30 May 2013

Eger to Debrecen

We had to check out of our nice pension this morning, as we could not justify another night here.  After a goodbye chat with the hostess, or daughter of the people we were staying with, we grabbed our bags and headed to the station.

By the time we had made it as far as the main square, it had started raining.  It was pouring down by the time we reached the station.  Our bags were soaked, we were soaked, and despairing that spring would never put in a proper appearance.

At least we had read the bus timetable correctly and the bus appeared on time.  Loading our bags underneath, we bought our phenomenally expensive tickets and found a seat.  Even though the bus was fairly full, we could get a seat together this time.

Crossing the famous plains of Hungary

Crossing the famous plains of Hungary

The trip itself was not interesting.  The rain caused the windows to fog up, and when you wiped them clean, all you could see was fields.  Occasionally we hit the highway, but more often than not, as soon as we got on it, we were off it again to do stops in towns along the way.  Debrecen was only 140km away, but at the rate we were going it would take all day.
Finally we passed a sign letting us know that it was only another 6km to go.  Then we stopped.  There had been a car accident up ahead.  It must not have happened much before we got there, as there were only a few cars between us and it.  We still don’t know the story of what happened, but we had to wait for the ambulance to arrive, then the fire trucks, followed a long time later by the police.  It looked as if we were stuck there for the foreseeable future.
VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W
Eventually our driver gave us an option, we could stay here and wait, maybe for another two hours, or we could go another way that would add an hour to the trip, but possibly get us there faster.  We had no idea what was happening, but apparently people opted for the detour.  This took us on a nice scenic drive through the rain.  The country roads were being upgraded, and for long stretches were single lane, or waiting at stop lights to go on the single lane.  Still, we made it somewhere.  Here, we had a 20minute stop.  Hanging around outside we met a nice Hungarian guy that let us know what was happening, and we started talking.  He offered to help us find a place to stay in Debrecen, and called his girlfriend to do some research.

By the time we had arrived in town, she had sms’d back a pension for us.  The help didn’t stop there though, as he took us on a walk through the centre and to the pension itself.  This is above and beyond what we needed, and greatly appreciated.
After checkin we were not even allowed to buy him a drink.  He had to go meet his girlfriend, and whilst we appreciate this, we would have liked to sit down and have a chat.  We just hope that when he is traveling, strangers do the same for him.

Nothing else to say for today.  It started raining again when we went for a walk, so just a quick lap of the town square, and hopefully a better day tomorrow.



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