31 May 2013

Walk around town
Churches and trains
Rain but no rain

D36posttown1Not a very interesting day today, we walked around town.  That’s about it.
In the morning, we made our way to the main square of town, and started looking for a decently priced coffee.  Hungary is a lot more expensive than I remember, and Debrecen is quite a fancy town.  We found a place though, in another square off to the side.

D42posttown3The city is fantastic in this way.  There are courtyards everywhere, some have gardens, some shops, and others fountains.  The town has spent a lot of time and money on making itself attractive, and the down town area is.  However if you scratch the surface, you find streets in dire need of repair with houses and suburbs abandoned in time (although there are a lot of restoration projects)

D39postdetail3From here we made our way to check out the cathedral, and onto the museums.  It was a bright and sunny day, in comparison to the gloomy downpour of yesterday, so we decided to do the museum later, and headed out to THE GREAT FOREST!  (Drum roll or thunder, take your pick).  This is called the green heart of the city.  It is full of pathways, statues and hotels.  Oh, and there is also a spa complex.  Hungary is nuts over their thermal spas.  Every town seems to have one at least nearby,and they all proclaim that theirs is the best.

D35postfrogStill, there is a nice pond here, with green grass, willow trees, reeds and a quaint wooden bridge.  Sitting in the sun, looking out over this is a nice break.  The frogs were going ballistic with all different kinds of croaking, and the small fish were jumping or happily playing fishy games.  One seemed to be a mass game of tag.  We went looking for frogs, but couldn’t find any until we decided to cross the bridge.  Looking over the side, you could see lots of them lounging around in the water.  Contently floating along or going for a bit of a swim.  There were even frogs on the lilly leaves!  I thought that only happened in books.  Although watching one try to climb onto a leaf shows why they don’t do it very often.

D41posttown2Walking back out the other side, we got a little lost in the suburbs.  Tall apartment blocks surrounding the place, with little parks and gardens in between.  Occasional sporting grounds, or shopping centres.  It is set up quite well.  However easy to lose your way.  Still, we made it back to down town.

Then we had to prepare for tomorrow.  It is time to leave Hungary and move on to Romania.  We just need to know how to do this.  Apparently the best way is by train, and we made our way over to the station, past churches getting ready for services (although we still peaked in) and down tree lined alleys.  D40poststatueIt is not too far from where we are staying at least.  At the station, we asked at the information desk.  Apparently that one was only for buses, and we were told to move on.  Finding the right information booth, we had a nice girl that confirmed our times for the train, but couldn’t tell us the price.  We would have to go to the ticket office for that.

The station does not have automated tickets, and is pretty popular.  There was only one line for international trains though.  (It seemed as if every counter was different towns)  So, waiting.  Waiting, and more waiting.  D38postdetail2It was a good thing that we decided to do this today.  If we turned up twenty minutes before the train,we would be in a spot of bother.  We managed to get our tickets, and although the woman spoke no English (It is Hungary!) she reiterated our destination a couple of times.  We have no idea on if this was just her making sure that is where we wanted to go, or disbelief that we did want to go there in the first place.  I suppose we will find out tomorrow.

D43posttreesAfter that ordeal, we went to check a few more churches. As we were walking we kept seeing signs.  It appears that there are ferrous-ovors out there in the streets.  Iron eating trees.  The sign depicts it well, with a tree taking a bite out of a truck.  At one point we were watching a truck park underneath a tree, and wanted to go up and warn him about these voracious trees.  Although we assume that he can tell the difference and these were just the normal types.  It would be a pity if he left for work in the morning, and only had half his vehicle left.

D37postdetailThe weather came back in, and it started raining.  At least we had had a good day.  We decided to get a few bits and pieces from the supermarket, as we did not want to get caught in any heavier rain.  Of course after we did this, and had dinner at the pension, being boring people, the weather cleared up,and we got to see blue sky before sunset!  Typical.  If we had gone out, it would have been raining sardines when we wanted to go back (water packed in so tightly it hurts when it hits you)

Not worried about that though, we had done so much walking that our feet are sore, and when we took our shoes of they continued on their own momentum for another few paces.



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