10 June 2013

Out for a drive again
Stop by a friend
Marius and Sandy
Good food
No gorge or monastery

After a fantastic day and night Yesterday, we were in for a repeat!

D25posthayBob & Jane again offered to take us around.  The idea was to go see a monastery and gorge.  As it happens plans change.  Jane needed to do a bit of work out of town, so we went to some of their friends.  Marius and Sandy.  Marius has a house in one of the villages around, and is actively farming his plot of land.  Trying all sorts of different veggies.  Talking to him about it, apparently it does not save you much money to have your own veggie plot here, but it is something to do, and does taste much better.

D24posthouseLeaving them for a time, we walked around the town, and up the hill, Bob showed us some traditional Romanian architecture.  Stone base with kitchen and storage, with a second level made from wood, mud and plaster to have the bedrooms.  The one we were looking at was not in that good a condition, but it did show the internal structure of the buildings.

D22postchurchWalking up the hill, we got a good view out over town.  There was also the remains of a tower here.  Going through the scrub, we made it over to have a look.  It is the remains of an old bell tower and cloister.  It is totally overgrown now, but if someone wanted to they could still save the tower if they acted in the next couple of years.  Still, the church knows how to pick the spots.

Back at the house we were invited to join everyone for lunch, which was accepted, and we had a great time sampling a few different drinks, good food and conversation.  The rain started up a little bit, so we all decided to skip the gorge walk, and then the monastery.  Instead we had a great time talking to everyone.
As it was getting late we headed back to town, the rain had stopped now, and although you could see it off in the distance, it never made it directly overhead.
Not the most exciting day to read about for you guys, but a perfect day for us!



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