15 June 2013

Bus to Lacu Rosu
finding accommodation
Bad nights sleep

Changing pensions
Walk around lake
Not so much red as green..


Abandoned building..

Well,  today is really quick.  We spent all day on buses!
From Sighisoara to Lacu Rosu.
Great!  We waited at the bus station,  caught a bus to Turgu Mures, waited at the bus station and caught a but to here.  About it. We did not particular want to go via Targu Mures, but were told it is the only way, Seemed a long way around to us…
On arriving in town, we had expected a village of around 9000 people.  This is not the case.  The bus stopped at the scenic view point, as there isn’t much of a town centre.  It is spread out over the valley.  However there are plenty of pensions.  It was not a problem for finding accommodation, as every building here is either abandoned or a pension.  L34postpanoThere are even touts at the bus stop.  Cars lined up to take you to where you will stay.  There was one poor little old lady sitting there, and we thought we would check hers out, but it didn’t have WiFi, and half the point of us staying here is to update the blog.  The other half is to walk around the mountains, as we are in the middle of the Carpathian mountains.

Also not used at the moment..

Most of the pretty, old hotels are not used at the moment..

It was a pity we did not stay there, as the one we chose, although pretty standard, is not up to the standards we have been experiencing.  We are probably biased, as there are lots of kids around, and the walls are paper thin.  Will see how we feel in the morning.  A quick walk up to the supermarket to get some food, as we have a kitchen available, and it is obvious that most people do not shop here.  The quality of fruit and Veg in the supermarkets has been questionable to say the least in Romania, and this one is no different.  Half the fruit is rotten, and other than a few basics, everything for sale is for day trippers.  Somewhat annoying if you need something to cook a decent dinner with, but we will make the most of it.

L32postboatsThe next morning we checked out.  It was not worth staying.  Walking back up the hill, we stopped in at a couple of other pensions.  Some were closed, others not interested in having English speakers but we did find a new one.  Almost at the supermarket, and most of the way up the hill.  Then they were perched up even further on the hill itself.  We were lucky and got a little secluded cabin behind the house, and it was perfect.  Just no WiFi, but that’s ok, as it gives us an excuse to enjoy the area.
After settling in we walked back to the lake.  We are staying about 1.5km away and it was all uphill.  So not looking forward to taking our bags back to the bus!


Back at the lake we could look around a bit.  Stalls are set up all over the place, from food to trinkets.  Funnily enough the food seemed reasonably priced.  The honey was not, and for all the honey they have, there is no mead! 😦

Not quiet red though.

Not quiet red though.

Lacu Rosu is called the Rose Lake for a couple of reasons.  The first is that there is an algae in the water that turns the lake red.  This is plausible as we have seen the pink lakes in WA caused by a similar algae.  However the lake is not red at the moment.  Kinda brown from all the silt actually.  The second reason we were told is that the lake was formed by a landslide that killed a number of people and the lake was red from their blood.  There are a lot of tree stumps sticking up through the surface of the lake, and they are supposed to be fairly unique in Europe, but apart from the condensed quantity, it is the same as any man made lake.

L30postviewWe went for a walk around the lake itself, and it is quite picturesque, especially with the row boats out on the water.  This was only a small section, and as we got further away from the stalls the amount of people went down exponentially.  By the other end of the lake we were alone.  There was a small bench by the waters edge here, but it was inaccessible due to the copious quantities of water lilies and rushes that have been growing uncontrollably at this end, so we continued around until we came to a rock sticking up out of the water.  This was an ideal spot that gave good views over both sides.

L29postreeBack at the start (or end) of the lake, we were on the wrong side of the stream flowing from the lake.  We had to go up the hill, and could either go down to the creek and cross through the water, go back the way we had come, or continue on up the hill.  There was no point going back the way we came, and didn’t want to get wet, so we continued on.  This took us way past the lake, and behind a new resort before we could get down to a bridge.  Quite a long way, and we were basically back at the pension.  Still it was a good walk.

Time left to relax at our little cabin with nobody around but the birdies. This is our holiday from our holiday!



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