05 July 2013

Geologists Rock

Giulia, Alex, Andrea, ? and ?

This morning we went with the Geologists and Geophysicists to the river.  We have seen the river, but not walked along it.  Their car was full so the Professor drove us to where they were working.


G44postrocksareinterestingThe aspiring Geologists and Geophysicists were going along a section of the river, marking out points of difference along the riverbed.  Looking at the different bands of rock.  At this point it was mostly sandstone and mudstone, with a few bands of limestone.  There were also big boulders of limestone filled with fossilised bi-valves (mussels or oysters) that have been washed down from further upstream.  This showed that we were in a river mouth, that was occasionally deeper or higher at different times.  Further upriver was the salt water (hence the larger collection of fossils).G46postfeature
G47postfrog1G48postfrog2It was a fun way to spend a few hours, although we showed our ignorance at a lot of things.  In the afternoon they had done their section of river, and it was time for them to go back and prepare for their exam on it tomorrow.
The pension was fully booked tonight, so we couldn’t stay.

G49postriverG50postriver2This was a bit unfortunate, as we were enjoying spending time with them.  So we had two options, we could head back to Buzau to go on tomorrow, or stay at a different pension that was about 15km away.  The Professor organised for us to stay at the pension,so that was that.

G45posthelpingoutA couple of the students drove us over there (thankfully, and we had also escaped from  taking our bags down that bloody awful 2.5km road!) and we checked in.  Should have gone to Buzau.  The reason for staying was to hang out with everyone we had met today and last night, and here we were in a pension that was no-where near as good as the place we were, with no-one to talk to!  We also missed the food that we were being given by everyone!  OK, so we had our own food, but it would have been impolite to refuse wouldn’t it?  It did not matter that our food was pretty bad in comparison.  The food here was typical Romanian Portion controlled.  (Read: Tiny)

G43postbridgeSo even though we never got to see the burning hill, we still managed to have a good time at Lopatari.  We had made it into true remote Romania, seen some salt welling up out of the hills, walked along rivers, and learnt a bit about the geology of the region.  You can’t ask for more than that.

Thanks to everybody for letting us tag along for the day!



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