15 July 2013

Walk around Balchik town
Tourist info

Our second day in Balchik was pretty simple.  We had already done the Royal gardens, and now wanted a look around the town.

As the bus had dropped us off close to the touristy spot, we had already caught glimpses as we drove through.  Now we went back over the hill and down to the ocean.  Being on the Black Sea, the weather is nice.  It is also a pleasure to get away from the almost constant rain we had been getting since going back to Germany.
Along the ocean, there is no beach to speak of.  One tiny little section of imported sand that is covered with umbrellas and people in very skimpy bikinis.  The rest is just rocks or tidal barriers.  BB22postbeach2The mountains behind come pretty close to shore and provide a good backdrop to the area.  As we got closer to the main section of town, you can see the houses scaling the mountains.  Pretty steep, with rows of earthen tiled roofs.
BB25postbeachThere are a few old buildings here, intermixed with others from the 1960’s and onwards.  It seems as if Balchik was expecting a major tourist boom, as there are construction sites everywhere.  Most of these are not being worked on, and it is strange to walk past these massive concrete skeletons with trees growing out of them.  Either the money evaporated, or they were being built at the time communism fell over and were never finished.  Either way, there are lots of them.  Mostly along the waterfront.  In other sections there are also abandoned buildings quickly being consumed by the prolific plant growth in the area.  It would not take much time from the disappearance of humans for this to become a lost jungle ruin.

BB23posttownThe town itself is not that interesting.  A few shops, cars parked everywhere, and on the road trying to run you over.  Large grain silos on the waters edge that are also no longer in use.  These would make fantastic apartments if the town needed any more, and you could even have the top level turned into a swimming pool.  We talked about different uses and options for it, as we hate seeing these abandoned.

BB24postfeaturePipe dreams, as it would cost a fortune or three to do, and we will never be in a position to do this.  Moving along from there, we went up the hill to the main square.  This is totally paved, with no shade.  A few sculptures around and a tourist information!


The lady here was very helpful and we managed to get some information on Bulgaria before departing.  BB26posthillIt was not a big office, and she did not have much information on the rest of the country, but we will be in Varna in a day or two, and can get more there.

Walking up the hill further, we got to see the limestone cliffs up close, before cutting between them to make our way back to the hotel.  This was the wrong thing to do, as we ended up on the road out of town, and it was only by chance that we saw people coming out of the scrub onto the road.
Here there was a small hidden path that was cut through the jungle down the hill.  It took us pretty much where we wanted to go, and saved us a long walk back around the way we had come.




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