29 August 2013

Market Nis
bus to

An easy day.  We took our bags to the station to catch a bus to Zajecar.  The bus would not leave for a few hours, so we wandered our bags back to the hostel to be kept.  Picking up a bottle of wine on the way.Z21postmarket

Z16postchillieA walk through the market around the side of the fortress and bus station.  The market is almost exclusively fruit and veg, with chillies everywhere.  Not the small hot ones, or the juicy capsicums, but something in between.  Around the sides were a few stalls selling clothing, and outside hawkers selling everything they had gotten their hands on.  Mobile chargers, broken phones and even a skateboard.

That took all of 20 minutes.  What to do for the next few hours.  Nis is a beautiful city, but in all honestly, it should only take one full day.  So what do we do?  Go for a long walk around the outskirts of the centre.  A drink at a nice cafe and then back to pick up our bags to walk back to the bus station.

Z20postbusNis has a very well organised bus station.  The entire area is fenced off, and you need a ticket before you can enter.  The ticket office is right there, and the people are friendly and helpful,  earlier it was very easy to get our tickets, and now we just had to wait for the bus to turn up.  A lot better organised than anything we have seen in Bulgaria or Romania.

Z17posttownThe bus trip was, by now, pretty standard.  The hills with limestone bluffs at the start going to smaller hills rolling all the way to the horizon with large plots of wheat and corn turning to smaller plots intermixed with vegetable plots.  Small towns scattered here and there, and a few creeks.

After a few hours we made it the 100km from Nis to Zajecar.  Not that long considering the distance.  We may have even averaged 25km/h.

Z18posttown2Zajecar is a small town in the North East, with a population of about 40,000 in the town.  There are a couple of main streets, and luckily the bus station is pretty close to the centre.  Finding a hotel, only slightly more expensive than the hostel in Nis was not too hard, although we have to adjust to the new currency and price difference.

A preliminary walk around town, and a supermarket, so bread, cheese, tomato and ham for dinner, along with the very nice wine we picked up in Nis for dinner.  This turned out to be more expensive than street food!



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